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Thread: what is it?

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    Default Re: what is it?

    I should have put something in the pic for size perspective. I'd guess it was about 1 1/4" in length.
    Not sure about the number of tails, either.
    The local lake is small (37 acres) and the creek feeding it is small and normally slow flowing. This time of year it can get some serious flooding, though.

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    Default Re: what is it?

    Dobsonfly Whether or not the wings look tented, delta or a delta with two rounded tips is a matter of perspective. Secondly when I said Dobsonfly, I meant that in general and if I were to find one this time of year back there, it might be the Spring Fishfly, which is a Dobsonfly by some's reckoning. The Fishfly is about 1.1 to 2 inches long and if that were one it would be a female.
    Fishfly Information - Scientific Name, Taxonomy and Size

    The easiest method is to look for tails, and where a stonefly is more likely to have wings tented a fishfly is more likely to have them splayed open a bit when viewed from above.

    I do agree that this is most likely a Little Black Stonefly as they are more plentiful and hatching back in Ohio about now.  8088
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