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Thread: Mysterious bug

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    and here I thought it was 1 of those dredded "no see-ums" from up Ards way.

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    The first one is a midge (Chironomidae). I just looks white because it's on the lens with light showing through. The profile is unmistakable. The second is a Crane Fly. Also unmistakable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gatortransplant View Post
    That last one is a cranefly, I believe. I like when people mistake them for giant mosquitoes
    We Have nearly The Same Thing & A Mosquito over here nearly as big we Call A Hexam Grey,also we have a few Wasps which look similiar & have Stingers on The Rear End.

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    Make what one will of the Cranefly pattern, but I think I see distinct possibilities for using Horsehair (Black) for the Legs of that critter.

    Here's a basic video, but I am going to try it making Horsehair Legs.

    [ame=]Fly Tying with Hans- Cranefly Adult - YouTube[/ame]

    I get my Horsehair usually, by buying "Foxtail" style brushes off of the
    Internet in real Horsehair. Today, many are synthetic, but the real
    Horsehair is still used. The hairs are more than long enough to do the legs.
    Welcome to the world of Fly Crying

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    Quote Originally Posted by drlaser View Post

    The best pattern I have found is Brun's Polychenille Tipula in the appropriate color for the local hatch. The top fly will match the one you found.



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