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    Default Biting Flies and Harm Reduction


    I thought I would post some tips that seem to work for me when it comes to avoiding the skeets, black flies, horse flies and ticks.

    The best advice I have that has worked for me and my wife, is to avoid the darker shades for your clothing and especially hats.

    The best colors I have found to wear are the pale earth tones in the beige, light green, light grey, pale yellows, and light blue. Light colored camo is good but not the darker stuff.

    The colors that blend into the background and mimic cloudy skies, sun shining on foilage. Avoiding dark browns, blacks, greens, and navy blues, will make you less of a target. Break up your pale shades too. Wearing plaids, and multi colored clothing in the lighter shades are all sound advice too.

    As far as ticks, the only advice I have is when removing them use tweezers and gently pull from the sides. You must keep the tension light so the tick slips through as you pull. After a couple attempts he will come out without regurgitating dangerous toxins and potentially the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease. Never use hot needles or other devices that shock the tick as this will cause immediate vomiting by the tick in the wound and infection.

    Would love to hear other tips from the community.

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    Default Re: Biting Flies and Harm Reduction

    Wow, great information! Thank you for sharing! Unfortunately, my only solution has been cigars when they are bad. I am not even a smoker but will do it to be able to enjoy my time on the river without being bothered by mosquitos and black flies.

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    Default Re: Biting Flies and Harm Reduction

    Thank heavens we don't have many problems with ticks,however earlier in the year whilst I was away in Central Qeensland Mustering Cattle with friends we were just about eaten by Mozzies & Sandflies.
    Clothing Colours do & will help.
    Usually for Mozzies & Sandflies we use a mixture of either Baby Oil,Baby Lotion,as well as Metholated Spirits(Metho) & Dettol.
    For Ticks after removing it always apply a mixture of Metho & Dettol which kills infections & dries it out.

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    Default Re: Biting Flies and Harm Reduction

    I spray my vest and waders with Permanone (Premethrin) which causes ticks to fall off. If they stay on the clothing, they die.

    On my skin I use Cutter Advanced mosquito repellant which uses Picaridin instead of DEET. It which does not destroy fly line.

    Appalachian Mountain Club's Equipped: Picaridin vs. DEET: Face-off of the buzzer beaters


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    Default Re: Biting Flies and Harm Reduction

    We fish in a lot of remote Northeastern areas where we routinely get inundated with swarms of blackflies, skeeters, deerflies, with the occasional horsefly as big as a B52 thrown in for good measure. We use the Simms No-Fly Zone hats and Sawyer products on our exposed skin and clothing. The Sawyer wash-in permethrin clothing treatment works very well, and none of us have gotten "ticked."

    I try not to put any repellent on my hands because I dont want to get any on my line, so when the deerflies are bad, I wear sungloves so they dont bite the backs of my hands so badly. Its tough to hold still just before a trout takes your offering while there's a deerfly munching away on your hand!
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