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    Default Re: do you know what this is ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post

    Just an FYI
    Here in New England the bug that most people call a zebra caddis is commonly called an alder fly (2 words)
    It's not the same animal as the alderfly (one word) that's a relative of the helgramite/Dobson fly.
    Excellent point that often comes up in the "scientific" versus "common name" arguments when anglers refer to aquatic insects (the macroinvertebrate equivalent to Animal House versus Caddyshack).

    Take the Green Drake for example; back east the Green Drake (Ephemera guttulata) is a true monster compared to the western Green Drake (Drunella grandis/doddsi). And that's because the western Green Drakes are simply a fatter cousin to Drunella lata (formerly known as Ephemerella cornuta) back east... which we called Blue-winged Olives. But we do have a near perfect match here in the west to E. cornuta/D. lata called Drunella flavilinea, which are simply called "Flav's" locally because you wouldn't want to confuse them with the any number of Baetis species called Blue-winged Olives... which also occur in the east, where they are also called Blue-winged Olives... just like the larger E. cornuta/D. lata species.

    And then there are the Sulphurs...

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    Default Re: do you know what this is ?

    Personally, I don't speak Latin so I don't even try
    In my mind, I'd rather be vague than wrong.

    It's even worse in the field of mycology.
    I only know my mushrooms by their common names but when you're not absolutely sure, it's best to walk away
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements.” --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: do you know what this is ?

    Now I don't consider myself an insect expert, though like most fly fisherman I got it down pretty good. There is a certain stretch of river I know of up here in Alaska that has those caddis or something very similar to them hatch. I don't know for sure what they are but I've always thought It was just a more rare type of caddis. I've never seen them anywhere in large numbers except on that river. The ones up here look the same but have a little more red in them. That mayfly was beautiful by the way.

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    my inclination was caddis and cahill, glad i was close
    the eyes on the caddis sure are unique. would love to see it in person

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    Default Re: do you know what this is ?

    Nobody has mentioned Sedge?

    There is no question the bugs identity. The first post pegged. it.

    Trichoptera, Sedge, Caddis...Call it what you will it is the same bug.

    One may even call it a giant Sedge.

    The lower looks like a White Miller. Ephoron Leukon.

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    Default Re: do you know what this is ?

    I love it when you guys start using those "buggy" words!

    ted...trout bum/wandering monk
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    Default Re: do you know what this is ?

    Talk insect'ie to me baby ! LOL
    I find my meal by finding my meal's meal.

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