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Thread: Entomology App?

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    Anyone know of a good fly ID app? I'm just starting out so it would really help if I could identify what I'm seeing on the water and had a little help with selecting a fly from my box to use.

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    Dont know of one but can tell you a pheasant tail nymph and hares ear nymph will cover most mayfly nymphs. Dry flies will be different though. You need to learn from locals, flyshops, fishing reports on what bugs are hatching local to you and go from there. The internet and google are your friend. I'm sure if you give us more info on where you fish someone can help you here

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    I fish in CT. I had good luck with PTN's last week. But that was really just a shot in the dark and I got lucky.

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    I don't know of any hatch specific apps, but admittedly I haven't looked for one. Looking over the hatch charts and finding a good book that outlines the hatches in the region I'm fishing has always worked for me. That would be my suggestion to you.

    If you're still on the hunt for some apps, it would be helpful to know which platform you're using. I know Orvis has an App, but I don't believe it's hatch specific. People have said it's a good beginner's app though. Most of the fly fishing related apps I have seen are not. As an alternative, why not bookmark a webpage that has hatch information and use that.

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    If you are looking at Mayflies Art Flick's Stream Side Guide is pretty hard to beat. It's a book but it has been helping fly fishermen to know their bugs for decades You never know when your battery may go dead........

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    I have nothing against books at all. I plan on diving into some. Just thought maybe i could pop in the description of a bug I see and a picture would pop up. Thanks for the help.

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    You're probably not into fly tying yet. In the book Dynamic nymphing the author use a nymph he calls a frenchie, it is a pheasant tail nymph with a fluorescent orange hot spot. I tied a couple and used one yesterday, It caught a couple of fish. Hot spots, or a bright area on a fly, definitely attracts fish, plus the pheasant tail nymph looks like something they eat anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rampaige View Post

    Just thought maybe i could pop in the description of a bug I see and a picture would pop up.

    I threw a rock at the last guy I caught playing with his smart phone while we were fly fishing!

    That reminds me... I need to go and apologize to my boss.

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    app scmappe...I like to connect with others...We dont need no stinking apps...
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