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biog 01-12-2014 12:05 AM

What is this bug?
I am pretty sure I'm going to feel foolish when I find out what I saw. It's gonna be obvious.

I already feel foolish because I didn't snap a pick of it. It had a very simple design however so I will give description a chance:

Went fishing today and, as I normally do I looked between and under rocks etc. to see what was going on. I saw a bunch of Baetis and some black stoneflies darkening up.

Then I saw, underneath about every other fist sized rock, what looks like a featureless caterpillar or grub. Dark brown stripe down the back light gray besides. Legs very much like a caterpillar. Obvious meaty sectioning from head to butt. no characteristic stonefly antennae tail etc. very fat, probably 1 and 1/2 inch in length. The butt end has a very stubby fibered tail darker than the brown back strip.

Tries to curl into a ball and stay still when you mess with it. Once relaxed it straightens out and works it's way back under rocks.

I feel like I do when I can't think of a popular actor's name. I know this bug and I'm gonna tie some up regardless as I'm sure trout can't resist a giant squishy meal like this when they come across it.

itchmesir 01-12-2014 12:19 AM

Re: What is this bug?

Ard 01-12-2014 01:22 AM

Re: What is this bug?
Other than coloration, did it look anything like this?

biog 01-12-2014 01:34 AM

Re: What is this bug?

Cranefly!! Not sure if this is the exact species as the ones I saw were better contrasted the top of the worm being darker brown, with the faint white lines Which I assume are innards or whatever.

I thought cranefly initially but I did not, for some reason, expect them to be so big and indeed so abundant. There were plenty of these things around although they were pretty well hidden. their defense mechaism of haphazardly bending into a grubby croissant must work against them when trapped in current as they seemingly will tumble about in a crescent until current subsides and they are able to retreat into cover?

I think a size 4 or 6 caddis worm hook? favorite cranefly patterns anyone?

silver creek 01-12-2014 03:24 PM

Re: What is this bug?
Craneflies are true flies and in the same family as midges, Dipthera. Here are three patterns for the larva:

Walt's Worm

tying Walt's Worm a step-by-step

Charlie's Fly Box

Charlie's FlyBox - Colorado's Best FlyShop and online Fly Tying Tutorials

Tie a Vladi Condum Worm using a white latex.

From reading about adult cranefly patterns, the best dry pattern seems to be "Brun's Tipula" by Norwegian Andre Brun. It was in FFM in 2002. It is a relatively easy fly to tie and looks fantastic. I would use the correct brown color of foam rather than coloring the foam.

Brun's Tipula

Brun's Tipula - Norwegian Trut Bum Andre Brun ahows how to tie the polychenille extended body cranefly with its shivering rubber legs. This fly appeared first time in Flyfisherman magazine feb. 2002, and is still one of his all time favourite for bro

biog 01-12-2014 10:34 PM

Re: What is this bug?
those patterns are awesome
the condom one and the Brun"s r my favs. those wormy hooks catch my eye always, I have a box of #14's Ive been itchin to tie something on. Too bad thats too small for crane larvae

christianfishn 01-13-2014 08:14 AM

Re: What is this bug?
On the mad river in Ohio I fish size 6 crane fly patterns all winter long for Big Browns. I take lead wire and wrap 1/2 the shank in the middle. the wrap in some brassie sizes copper or brown wire to the back. Next wrap some tan dubbing with a little sparkle in it very thick up the hook. and finish by wrapping the wire forward! Its a killer pattern for big fish with the larva in em.

dean_mt 01-13-2014 11:33 AM

Re: What is this bug?
What the heck is that Ard? I thought stoneflies were prehistoric...that bug is down right creepy!

silver creek 01-13-2014 03:52 PM

Re: What is this bug?

Originally Posted by dean_mt (Post 630534)
What the heck is that Ard? I thought stoneflies were prehistoric...that bug is down right creepy!

Hellgrammite = Larva of the Dobsonfly

dean_mt 01-13-2014 04:25 PM

Re: What is this bug?
Yeah...I think I'd opt out of that too!

That is one creepy insect. I can remember fishing with hellgrammites as a kid, we could buy them in a bait shop, I do not recall ever seeing one of these adult dobsonflies with the huge pinchers.

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