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Thread: What is this please ?

  1. Default What is this please ?

    Had these in the millions last fall but I didn't have a fly even close to it. [IMG][/IMG]
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    I would guess a blue winged olive - Baetis.

    I would use a parachute Adams in the correct size. Better yet an OBA in the correct size, Olive Bodied Adams ala Norm Crisp.


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    Slate Drake ( Isonychia )

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    Check here for May Flies with two tails (adult):

    Mayfly Identification

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    A bug? . Looks like Rip nailed it, with the slate drake.

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    Thanks guys, much appreciated .
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    My first try at tying one of these, what do you guys think. I didnt have the correct hackle or dubbing.[IMG][/IMG]
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    It'll definitely Catch Fish as long it's about The Same Size as The Fish are Feeding on.
    I find Synthetic Wool Can be substituted & used as Dubbing It's Cheaper & there are many colours available you just might have to occassionally add a little Floatant to keep it afloat Longer.

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    I looked at the hobby lobby but they don't carry much wool yarn. Any other idea's where I can find it ? Do you just use the wool like chenille ?
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    Looks like an Slate Drake (Isonychia) to me as well -- unless you have very small thumbnails ;-).

    There seems to be some controversy and / or regional variation in this, but I believe that most Isos hatch by crawling out of the water. Iso nymphs are very good swimmers and I've generally done much better with a nymph than dun during a Iso hatch.

    So I'd make sure you have some Iso nymphs as well. A large hare's ear will work, but that are lots of patterns out there.

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