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    Default Damsel in distress...

    here is incredible video that is posted by the producer, sharptail media on vimeo...

    if this doesnt get your blood pumping , I dont know what will...t

    another name could have low!

    the last few frames are awesome! I could almost feel the water spray on me...

    I think this video has been posted in the for those that have seen it sorry...its new to me...t

    [ame=]Damsels in Distress on Vimeo[/ame]
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    Default Re: Damsel in distress...

    Up... this is moments, everyone wants to see
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    Default Re: Damsel in distress...

    Beautiful! THAT got my fishing jones going.

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    Default Re: Damsel in distress...

    I've seen that video and in fact, I've seen trout take hovering damsels on Hebgen Lake just like in the video. You can take them using floss blow line fishing. The wind usually begins at about 10 AM. You need a float tube or boat to be in the right position but when the wind is in out to the lake, you can get the fly to the fish from shore.

    "Blow line fishing" is a technique described by both Gary LaFontaine and Gary Borger.

    Gary Borger wrote about it in his book, Presentation pg 286. I've refered to Presentation before as one of the greatest books on fly fishing because it covers so many techniques such as "blow line fishing" that you will not find in any other single book. That is why used copies demand a premium over the original cost.

    [ame=""]Presentation: Gary A. Borger, Jason Borger: 9780962839252: Books@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]

    In Gary Borger's technique you use untwisted polypropylene yarn that is flatten and ironed to straighten the fibers. Then you form a "kite" out of it by whipping finishing a loop into it and attaching it to the end of your fly line and then attaching 2 feet of 2x or 3x mono to the "kite". The heavy tippet material is to prevent break offs. The strikes are vicious.

    When there is enough wind blowing from off shore, you raise your fly rod and the use the wind to make the fly hover and dap the water surface just like a hovering damsel fly.

    You can read Gary LaFontaine's article below:

    "Floss Blow Line - Fly Angler's OnLine

    I use a pattern that will sink. Damsel crawl under water to lay their eggs and they drown. Drowned damsels are rarely fished and the trout are not shy about taking them.


    Here's what Jason Borger has to say about damsel patterns:

    "One question that I/we often get about this fly (inspired by a pattern that my father saw in New Zealand back in the 1980s) is, Why dont you use foam for the post, it floats better? The answer is based on years of observing damselfly hatches and is fairly simple: because sometimes we want the fly to sink. If that sounds odd, keep in mind that dry flies (or perhaps more accurately dry insects) sometimes arent so dry."

    I wrote about my approach to damsels on this post.

    favorite damsel body?


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    Default Re: Damsel in distress...

    I was going to post this video but a quick search showed it had already been shared
    So how about we watch it again on this awesome winter day and dream of summer


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    Default Re: Damsel in distress...

    That was a first for me... WOW. Great footage.
    Even though it had been posted before, thanks for sharing for those of us that haven't seen it yet.


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    Default Re: Damsel in distress...

    I've both wind dapped, and drowned these bugs for many years.....I think '76 was my first time....never read about it...just observed and experimented...
    But the biggest tip I would give, is take binos along to find the big guy near the reeds. If he's hunting you will see his back out of the water...
    I have seen them knock the vulnerable tenerals off reeds, and into the water.
    It's sight fishing to only the biggest multi-year fish.....
    Just get upwind and drift into them.....quietly. Usually wading scares them off.

    You can fish the nymphal form, the traveling swimmer, the Teneral, as well as the adult. Under a bobber, stripped, and cast or dapped with a dry. I tie a foam head w/a tail bead, and have used a mudded leader to get it just below the surface, then when you strip it it will rise like the real thing....
    One of my favorites....Try Lake Davis for fun, it might be a banner year.....

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    Default Re: Damsel in distress...

    That was just awesome. I don't know if I could hold my fly in the air stationary long enough to get one of those browns to rise. Might have to dig deep down and whip out the ol' shadow casting method.

    Had a lot of good days by Walden on damsels. It's a hatch that I never ever missed when living "nearer" to there. Belly boating into the wee hours just hammering browns. Stopping just to use the park stink box. One year I swore I was going to bring a box of Depends, but I just couldn't bear the thought of sitting in that all day, kicking my boat.
    Nice fish! Do you have anymore pictures of it lying in the dirt?
    As publicity increases so does the propensity of tripping over yards of mono attached to a Dipsey sinker.

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    Default Re: Damsel in distress...

    Was fishing last year for bass when the damsels were doing this, it was some epic fishing.

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