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Thread: Bug pics thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigfly View Post
    Japanese beetle......I used to fly them on a thread....

    Now that you say that it does look like one but the coloring is different than what I'm used to. Normaly the backs, don't have green like that at least around here and the legs are all black. When I was a kid they were a regular mainstay for blue gill fishing.

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    Definitely not a Japanese beetle. Too big. We call them June bugs(beetles) around here. We also use to tie a thread on one of the hind legs when I was a kid then attach them to our hats, and they would orbit the hat. Cheap entertainment before the digital age.
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    Quote Originally Posted by philly View Post
    Definitely not a Japanese beetle. Too big. We call them June bugs(beetles) around here.
    Good call, looks like a Green June Beetle (Cotinis nitida). We get a ton of those in here in Indiana and the larvae are a delicacy for any and all birds who visit the yard. We’re talkin’ BIG & juicy lawn grubs. Get quite a few Green Rose Chafers (Cetonia aureate) as well which look quite similar…

    Save for the scutellum, I can’t tell ‘em apart very well. Facially from the front, they all look like tiny flying oxen to me.

    For those curious, here’s a link to Junes & Japs, both probably worth imitating in late summer if fishing streams on windy days. They have that metallic thing going on and sometimes fish key in on it. Nice excuse to use some of the gaudy stuff at the vise…p-herl, metallic fabric paints, copper crystal flash, etc.

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    As far as larva imitation and fishing, I have no idea, but there’s certainly a mop fly project in there somewhere for those who wish to explore. These grubs make cranefly larvae look anemic and I wouldn’t doubt some get washed in the creeks. These are the “crawlybacks” folks see on patios and sidewalks during summer nights, named so because they undulate along on their backs. If you tickle their tummy, the do a quick ab crunch and pinch you with the mandibles. Doesn’t hurt, but kinda freaky. They squirt black poop when they do this as well, so consider yourself warned. Look at the penny pic…that ass-end is full of it and ready to be weaponized. Sooner or later you’ll encounter these if you haven’t already…

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    Pic taken by my buddy Raphael.IMG_20190413_185136_873.jpg

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