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Thread: Change of tone

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    Default Change of tone

    For some of the newer fly anglers out there.

    I have posted these two pictures to demonstrate how many species can change color/tone as they get closer to hatching. These are damselfly larvae from my pond. So, if you see a bunch of bugs coming off but just aren't getting the action you think you should be getting, the size and shape my be correct but how about tone?

    A typical damsel nymph that can be found living in the weeds.
    A damsel nymph close to transforming into an adult flyer

    I know it's a factor on my backyard water during the spring BWO hatch. Early spring, light to medium greens as the nymphs are active but they just aren't getting ready to hatch. As the days go by and the hatch starts olives works best. When the hatch is intense, the dominate tone shifts to a deep olive but can be represented with dark brown and black. Get caught with nothing but olive nymphs at the right time, your numbers and average size will reflect a slow day during what should be the best fishing of the year here.
    Nice fish! Do you have anymore pictures of it lying in the dirt?
    As publicity increases so does the propensity of tripping over yards of mono attached to a Dipsey sinker.

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    I've definitely seen that change in color, especially in mayfly nymphs, as they get closer to hatching. In early spring I often turn over rocks to check out the nymphs and the more dark ones you see the closer you know it is till the march browns and blue wings really start hatching regularly.

    I seldom see fish that are very picky about color on the waters I fish, but I still think it pays to fish a darker nymph or emerger on days you expect a hatch.

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