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Thread: Midge???

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    Very small cream colored gnats had a hatch on the caney fork yesterday afternoon. I believe them to be midges but I donít know for sure. This midge dry matched pretty well. What species fits the bill? Trying to learn as much as I can about them. I have seen them several times before and they seem to be the predominant aquatic insect on the caney.
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    I fish the Caney as well, and have experienced some strong hatches of cream midges from late summer into the fall there. I would consider them to be midges if they have one set (2) of wings. They are pretty small but I can typically get away with up to a sz 20 bh pupa or a 22 dry. Nice job catching fish up top! Most Caney Fork fishermen mainly use indicator rigs and bh pupa patterns. Hope they keep the 250 flow going. Did they ever get the bubbler or oxygenating device working again?

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    I experienced a hatch similar to this in Pisgah last week. It occurred in the mid afternoon. We could see fish rising continuously, but couldn't elicit a strike. They were very very small flies or gnats. My guess was also a midge. We tried to match them, but still couldn't get anything more than a few follows.

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