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    Default Seen in the Smokies

    DSCF0094 (2).jpg


    Saw some others hatching, but this is the only one I could catch.

    Guessing a little brown stonefly, what do you think?
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    Default Re: Seen in the Smokies

    Yes. Called Yellow Sally around here (Colorado).
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    Default Re: Seen in the Smokies

    Little Brown Stones around here, Eastern PA, are a lot darker. Brown or reddish brown. And what we call Yellow Sallies are small yellow stoneflies. Don't usual see them till later in the year. The one in the picture seems to be light Olive. I had to look this up but there is a small stonefly called an Olive Sallie. Maybe that's what you have.
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    Default Re: Seen in the Smokies

    Yellow Sally I believe. There are 60 species across NA.

    Isoperla fulva (Yellow Sally) Stonefly Adult Pictures

    Yellow Sally Delight | Fly Tyer

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    Default Re: Seen in the Smokies

    The pattern I found years ago included a red or orange butt. I recall this was a characteristic of an egg laying stage.

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