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Fly Fishin' Wyoming

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After three days of rain, the sunny summer weather has returned to our small part of the world so I decided to take advantage of it and made it out for some fishing today. It was my turn to take care of the dogs, we have a new rescue puppy that is pretty much out of control, but getting better, but she loves the water, so I really didn't have very high expectations on being successful at fishing, but despite all the ruckus in the water it was actually quite surprising results. Lots of birds out today and the dogs had a blast chasing after them, they got plenty of exercise.
The bugs were out in force which resulted in lots of great action on dries.

A nice Brown:

Another view:

I landed another Brown, not as long as this one, but way thicker, had him in the net and as I reached for my camera, he did a jump and was gone, I didn't realize that he had slipped out of the dry fly that I had caught him on. I guess he didn't want his photo taken, oh well, there is always a next time.

Another view:

The dogs finally settle down:


  1. milt spawn's Avatar
    That brown looks larger in hand than it does in the net Larry. Cool net too!