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Unfortunate Situations;

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Sometimes I feel I have to explain an occurrence and this is one of those times. This is a different type post into this blog, I will write here because only those who may have an interest in what I may have to say ever read here.

Back on the 23rd of January 2017, a member contacted me to ask advice regarding a Spey rod. I was busy getting ready for a trip to the cabin and had no time to begin writing about rods so I suggested we talk by phone. It was three days before he replied with his phone number and gave a time window when a call would be good.

The very next day the same member became upset over something posted to a thread he had started and he (the member) announced that he was "Done Here".

All of this and I'm leaving for Hewitt Lake the next day. I forgot to take the fellows phone contact number with me and was out at the cabin for 33 days before returning home. There is no internet at the lake home so I basically forgot about the Spey rod advice thing until well after returning home.

In the interim between my return and today I have been back out to the cabin twice hauling in fuel and summer supplies. In short I have been busy.

I just returned again from another 150 mile round trip over which I hauled out another 175 gallons of boat fuel for the coming season. That was Monday night February 13th I came home again.

Now to the point of this entry, I found a post, a thread started by the member who had "quit". He had returned and posted a thread saying "Goodbye".

In his post he went to some effort to essentially slander me. I read the post three times and in doing so found nothing accurate in the insults he leveled against me. I banned the member.

I don't understand this type of behavior, not in the least, not at all. This blog and most of my posts onto the forum threads are meant to share information either about how to effectively fly fish for trout & salmon or to answer questions posted by members if I think I know the answer.

The member who claimed I had refused to help him, ignored him, and in other ways besmirched him did not have a basis in truth or fact for his outburst.

Why in God's name not contact me or any member privately rather than defame, slander and attack them with false statements on a forum such as this?

I don't know the answer to that question. My defense is that I did nothing to that man, period.

That's that.


PS. Please don't feel compelled to comment on this rather sad tale because I didn't write this looking for sympathy or support. I put this here to reveal my side of an unfortunate situation. I'm not always right, what I say and what I think is not always right. However, this business of leveling vociferous and in some cases inaccurate attacks against a forum member, moderator or administrator on open threads so everyone viewing can read what the attacking party has to say is going to result in people being removed for good.

I didn't join this group to argue. I didn't join because everything I say or do is the correct way. I joined to share, and a short study of my own posting history will show that this has been the case for nearly ten years.

now I think I've said enough about all of this

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  1. cmcdhuibh's Avatar
    [I just returned again from another 150 mile round trip over which I hauled out another 175 gallons of boat fuel for the coming season.]

    For some reason I seem to think that everyone who lives in AK has a pile of snow and is frozen in there houses for the extent of the long winter there.
  2. Ard's Avatar
    Actually at this time of year the weather is about perfect. The nights are cold enough to set the snow up into a nice crust and the days go as high as 34*.

    Around the cabin all the areas where you have driven the snowmachines become hard like concrete and you can walk around on several feet of snow in sneakers. You have to watch out by late afternoon if the temps go up toward 40 because the surface will become soft.

    When things are difficult are during the periods where the temp has been low (-20) and it warms up and then snows. Sometimes it can snow so hard that you can't see to drive the Skidoo. Cloudy days are the worst days because the lighting is so poor you can't see obstructions on the frozen rivers. That sucks because I have to be very careful of how fast I travel. You can roll up on a very nasty ice berm and never see it coming due to lighting.