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Thread: SE Alaska ?????

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    Default SE Alaska ?????

    OK I read Ard's post about all his rods but am still not sure. If you already owned a sage method 9' 6wt. (and that is my only rod right now. I donated my 5wt) But where looking to get another rod for fishing say SE Alaska what would you choose and why? I think my 6wt would handle the cutthroat and the dollies and some of the salmon but am thinking about a 8wt to go with it for steelhead and bigger salmon. but not sure if I should go two handed or not. what is or opinion?
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    For trout/Dollies your 6wt should be fine for fish up to 5-6 pounds (mellow water a tad larger). For the larger fish I would recommend the 8. You need 'beef.'
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    I live on a trout river but get around a bit.

    80% of the time I use a 6wgt with about 5 line variations.

    10% 4wgt when it flat calm and a hatch (or near hatch) going on.

    8 weight for a bit of spring mousing or heavy water and BIG fall stuff patterns! I use either a Teeny line or a shooting head system.
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