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    Default Re: CutThroat Hand Woven Furled Leaders, Review

    First class job on the review! The info on the web site (faqs, etc) is really good too. Thank you for your effort in getting this to us all. -Mike

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    Default Re: CutThroat Hand Woven Furled Leaders, Review

    I was just reading through some old post’s and realized I never answered some of the questions about the rings / shorb loops.

    We sell approx 75% of leaders with the tippet ring.
    I myself use both, but prefer the loop. Although we have many amazing fisherman, guides, and fly fishers in the fishing industry that opt for the ring. Like with so much in fly fishing, personal preference rules.

    Reason I choose the loop is strength. As an example, the 5 wt leader with a ring breaks at about 8 lbs. If you get the same leader with a shorb loop end, you get approx. 1 .lb of additional breaking strength. But then again, the ring does make tying on tippet extremely easy.

    Since the initial review was done, we have increased the types of leaders we offer.
    1). Dry Fly Leaders
    1a). Dry Fly leader with built in strike indicator for throwing very small flies that are difficult to see.
    1b) Stillwater Lake Leaders. 90” long. These leaders have performed flawlessly in our testing.

    2). Nymphing leaders
    2a). We offer Hi-Vis Nymphing Leaders (strike indicator)
    2b). We now offer Hybrid Nymphing leaders. These transition to a spectra braid. Extremely strong.

    3). Monofilament furled leaders. (Typically for heavier bass flies, etc.)

    4). Fluorocarbon Furled Leaders

    5).Spey & Switch Rod Leaders. Standard and reinforced with braid.

    6). Tenkara Leaders

    As always, I am only an email away. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Thank you,

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    Default Re: CutThroat Hand Woven Furled Leaders, Review

    I just purchased a few of them to try out. Didn't see the 30% off code when I ordered but it may have been over. Look forward to testing them out.

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    Default Re: CutThroat Hand Woven Furled Leaders, Review

    I have 10 or 11 CutThroat leaders now for various rod weights and purposes. I've tried the dry fly furled leaders, the hi-vis nymphing leader, and the big bug furled and furled flouro leaders. I've been pretty happy with all of them. The durability and presentation are both beyond my expectations. Great stuff. Their shorty 50" furled leader is awesome for small water brookie fishing on a short rod.

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    Default Re: CutThroat Hand Woven Furled Leaders, Review

    If it wasn't for furled leaders my presentation would be as sloppy as a bowl of rice noodles spilling to the floor. I may have to pick some of these up to give them a cast or two.

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