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  1. Default Fly Fishing Merit Badge Goes Far Beyond Fly Fishing

    Fly Fishing Merit Badge Goes Far Beyond Fly Fishing

    Want to learn to fly-fish? Ask a Boy Scout. The Boy Scouts of America now offers a merit badge in fly-fishing.

    Earning the badge demands more than throwing a tight loop. Scouts are required to:

    Explain to their counselor the injuries that could occur while fly-fishing and the proper treatment, including cuts, scratches, puncture wounds, insect bites, hypothermia, dehydration and heat reactions.

    Explain how to remove a hook that has lodged in someone's arm.
    Name and explain five safety practices you should always follow while fly-fishing.

    Discuss how to match a fly rod, line and leader to get a balanced system.

    Discuss several types of fly lines and explain how and when each would be used.

    Review how to care for this equipment.

    Demonstrate how to tie proper knots to prepare a fly rod for fishing.

    Tie backing to a fly reel using the arbor knot. Attach the backing to the fly line using the nail knot. Attach a leader to the fly line using the needle knot, nail knot or loop-to-loop connection. Add tippet to the leader using a double surgeon's loop or blood knot. Tie a fly on the terminal end of the leader using the improved clinch knot.

    Explain how each of the following types of flies are used: dry, wet, nymphs, streamers, bass bugs and poppers. Know what each imitates. Tie at least two types of the flies mentioned in this requirement.

    Demonstrate the ability to cast a fly consistently and accurately using overhead and roll cast techniques.

    Go to a suitable fishing location and make observations on the types of insects fish may be eating. Look for flying insects and some that might be on or beneath the water's surface. Look under rocks. Explain the importance of matching the hatch.

    Explain the importance of practicing "leave no trace" and how it positively affects fly-fishing resources.

    Obtain a copy of the regulations affecting game fish and where they live.

    Explain when they were adopted and what is accomplished by following them.

    Explain what good outdoor sportsmanlike behavior is and how it relates to fishermen. Tell how the Outdoor Code of the Boy Scouts of America relates to a fishing enthusiast, including the aspects of littering, trespassing, courteous behavior and obeying fishing regulations.

    Using fly-fishing techniques, catch two kinds of fish and identify them. Release at least one of them unharmed. Clean and cook another fish.

    -- Gary Garth

    Source: Boy Scouts of America - BSA - National Council


  2. Default Re: Fly Fishing Merit Badge Goes Far Beyond Fly Fishing

    wow them kids will be able to fly fish better then me.

  3. Default Re: Fly Fishing Merit Badge Goes Far Beyond Fly Fishing

    I agree. I have 21 of those badges, but I don't think I could get that one

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    Default Re: Fly Fishing Merit Badge Goes Far Beyond Fly Fishing

    Our TU chapter here in Hawaii has decided to take part in the next Scout Show (Makahiki) in the spring. We'll have fly tying and a place the boys can try casting. Handouts will inform the boys that the merit badge councilors are available and how to contact us.

    If your from a small town, You might want to contact your local scout troop.... or scout council office to find out what it takes to put on a Fly Fishing Merit Badge class.

    Don't just limit yourself to Boy Scouts.
    Lots of boys and girls out there would just love to learn about fly fishing.
    Church, club, schools. the list is endless.


  5. Default Contact details please?

    Does anyone have a central contact for this scheme please as it is a nightmare finding one on their website? We'd like to get in touch offer anyone passing a free membership of our website as an added incentive. Well done to the Boy Scouts of America for bringing more members into our sport! I'll have to contact the UK scouting association to see if they have a similar scheme and if not, why not!?

    Thanks and tight lines,

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