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iulipwnz 05-21-2012 07:46 AM

Fly Fishing for Beginners - Overhead Cast
The overhead cast is the basic fly fishing cast. It has evolved over the years primarily due to advances in equipment. In the “olden days” before graphite rods, a lot more wrist movement was involved in the cast. Now, there is more arm and shoulder movement in order to “load the rod” to better utilize equipment (graphite). However, the basic concept is still the same. Bring the fly line overhead and behind you, then cast it front of you to the desired target.
Grip the Rod – hold the rod like you are shaking hands with someone. Your thumb should be on top of the rod and curl your fingers underneath. Your hand should be located in the middle of grip. The fly line should be between your index finger and the rod for better control.
Stripping Line – pull out about 10 yards of line from your reel and quickly move the tip of your rod back and forth horizontally. Your line should feed down your rod and onto the ground in front of you. This technique is important because it can be used to feed line when fishing downstream to keep your fly feeding into a pocket or seam.

wolfglen 01-13-2015 10:04 AM

Re: Fly Fishing for Beginners - Overhead Cast
How true about the basic cast being overhead. in essence, the overhead cast and the roll cast are alike except for the timing.

A couple of very fine points which are often missed. The best stance for practicing is as though you were in the military (or scouts) and standing at ease. The grasp on the rod is as though shaking hands with a person who is standing right toe to right toe to you.

Thus the grip is with the thumb ALMOST on top. ( if both of you had your thumbs on top, there would be not grasp). The thumb on top comes from that fact that most outdoor writers look down at their hand and see their thumb blocking their view of the rod handle and conclude that it's on top of the rod. Actually since the hand is about 15 degrees from vertical from their eye sight so is the thumb 15 degrees off set from the rod and the thumb is acty touching the 0 degrees vertical portion of the rod.

If the thumb is directly on top of the rod, the grip has to be a little stronger and produces more fatigue. Yes, this is minor, but can make a great difference later on in one's casting progress.

I've found that the most relaxing and least fatiguing grip on the rod is much like (not exactly) a golf grip if one was going to play golf one handed with the V on top OR similar to the grip on a fencing foil with the forearm rotated so tht the V was on top OR much like a baitcasting (traditional old school overhead cast before 'cruise' control and rotated so that the V is up.

Now, when the back cast it made, it comes vertical with a slight offset cant of again, about 15 degrees so that when the fore arm is raised, the thumb now on top of the rod. This 15 degrees offset at the beginning helps to eliminte the tedancy of a new angler to rotate the wrist sideways.

Again, the roll cast is just about identical to the overhead cast execpt for the tempo.

By practicing standing squareto the target in the beginning, the angler develops habits which allow him to cast efficiently in the stream or boat when he has to stand in all kinds of awkward positions with the right foot out, the left foot out, casting to the right or left. If one practices with the right foot out, these other casts may be rather awkward.
but, to each his own

wolfglen 05-15-2015 04:49 PM

Re: Fly Fishing for Beginners - Overhead Cast
How confusing some articles on fly casting can be. Anyone have a copy of Fishing with the Fly edited by Charles Orvis about 1886? There's an article by Seth Green, famous fisherman and hatchery guy of that day on casting.
Speak of confusing! It's worth reading for laughs.


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