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  1. Default What's Out There to Fly Fish For? - By Dave Whitlock

    [img2="left"][/img2]What's Out There to Fly Fish For?
    By Dave Whitlock

    As I was growing up in Oklahoma's warm waters, all I had to fly fish for bass and sunfish. Nothing had spots except an occasional accidental channel catfish! There were no trout, no grayling, no salmon... poor Okie from Muskogee, I used to think. My young brain had been tattooed from reading magazines, books, and catalogs that fly fishing wasn't fly fishing unless I was wading a cold, clear stream where colorful, spotted torpedoes broke the surface for graceful, sail-winged, blue dun colored, floating mayflies. Oh, to be among the privileged trout and salmon fly-fishing elite!

    Well, I got an education, a job, vacation time and joined the 'real' world of fly fishing back east, up north and out west! It was fantastic! Then when I was about 30, I started to change my thinking. Why? Well, for several reasons. First, two or three weeks of 'real' fly fishing a year was just not enough. It was also becoming harder to find and more expensive, plus my wife and kids were learning to fly fish and needed more of my time. At that point, I had also begun considering an occupation change from petroleum research to fishing!

    The more I thought, remembered and looked around, the clearer it became to me that almost at my doorstep there was an abundance of cool and warm water creeks, rivers, ponds and lakes loaded with wild game fish that we could access after work and school and on weekends or holidays. So we began to revisit some eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas past favorite spots and explore new ones. Every place was a new adventure, and with just a few tackle and fly modifications, we caught an amazing variety of fish on flies. There were largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted bass, white bass, blue gill, green sunfish and at least eight or 10 other species of sunfish! But that was just the beginning. I also caught drum, sauger, channel catfish, carp, chubs, gar, bowfin, fresh water herring, shad and bullfrogs! What fun! All these species have their own special qualities.

    So, do yourself a favor this season. If you haven't already discovered the other, more abundant fun part of fly fishing, those warm and cool water, fresh and salt water fish that'll gobble your fly, try them out in your 'home' waters. Chances are, you'll find more elbow room, have more success and perhaps even more fun fly fishing...and definitely more often.

    Article Courtesy of Dave Whitlock at Fly Fishing with Dave and Emily Whitlock in the Oklahoma Ozarks

  2. Default Re: What's Out There to Fly Fish For? - By Dave Whitlock

    When folks in East Texas discover that I'm an avid fly fisher, they often ask, "what the heck to you fly fish for around here?" My response has been used so many times that I probably say it in my sleep... "ANY fish that can be caught with a fishing pole or rod can be caught fly fishing."

    What can you add to these thoughts???

  3. Default Re: What's Out There to Fly Fish For? - By Dave Whitlock

    Great article Davy! As you know most of my fly fishing is warmwater and freshwater here in East Texas. Like Davy said there are numerous species to fish for and you never know what you might catch. On a fly rod I've caught largemouth up to 9#, catfish up to 5#, crappie up to 2.1# and even had a 12-15# gar on for a few seconds last week. The most agressive fish I've had on was a 7.25# bowfin I caught on my 4-wt last year. That thing fought like an enraged tiger, it was a ball fighting it!

  4. Default Re: What's Out There to Fly Fish For? - By Dave Whitlock

    Whoops, that was Dave Whitlock who wrote that, not Davy Wotten.

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