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    Quote Originally Posted by thefullcreel
    Make sense to me... so, where do you get your material???
    Most I got when I worked for Orvis in SLC, Utah. But I have alot for friends that hunt as well as myself.

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    Default Re: About Buying Flies Online - By Steve Clark

    Great article - I travel in my job and don't have time (and some would say - patience) to tie my own flies. I have found both Blueflycafe and the Flyshack to have great pricing and consistent quality...Both run in the 65 - 75 cents range.

    By the way - just got back from my first trip to Henry's Fork...Awesome trip... High winds forced us to the Warm Water section - drifting with a # 10 Brown rubberlegs with a #16 Red Copper John dropper - caught around 40 Rainbows and a few Browns - most in the 8 to 13 inch range but a half a dozen or so 16 -18 inchers.....anyone looking for a great guide - look up Henrys Fork Anglers...Bob Lamm has 30 yrs experience in that area

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    blue fly cafe is awesome to buy from. placed a order last thursday and recieved on monday. great prices on both the flies and shipping. hats off to steve he turned me onto a great place to buy flies. tying some of my own but the ones i can't i'll buy from them.

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    You might also try as well as I've been very satisfied with both sources. Quality is excellent, and besides, both carry my favorite, the Silver Doctor.

    You folks need to try one of Percy's Silver Doctors tied with the double hook ... absolutely deadly on smallmouths.

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    I bought some from Kencan a while back, and had awesome service. Very good pricing as well. They had clearance flies at 3.50 per dozen and regular flies were about 7.50 per dozen.

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    From one old-timer fly fisherman who has spend many hundreds of dollars finally finding this fishing fly resource, I post this message because I enjoyed my experience with this company.

    I've been fly fishing for many years and have bought flies from numerous fly companies (if you have the time and resources, I suggest that you do the same) however I recently found what I feel to be the best fishing fly resource out there. This company is called [/B]

    I have to say that the quality of their flies was far superior to any other company I have ever bought flies from; Umqua included. I have found that often times online catalog pictures do not depict the product that is delivered, hooks and hackles are substandard and not securely attached to the foundation. Not the case with Flydeal.

    They stressed to me that they "pride themselves on quality", but who doesn't...right? Upon receiving my first order, I agreed; the complete package: hooks, materials and workmanship were of the highest quality standards. Their prices fall in around $0.50 a fly. I will be buying from them from now on.

    Quality: 10 out of 10
    Price: 9.5 out of 10
    Customer Service: 9 out of 10

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    I agree..... just bought my second batch of flies... no problems here.

    "As The deer Thirts For Water, I thirst for you Oh Lord"

    North Woods Wanderings
    Adventure into the North Woods.......

    "Aroostook Flyers and Tyers"

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    I would bring them home and try tying them by my self.

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    I'm fairly new to fly fishing and have not yet tied any flies, I can see a whole new obsession coming when I do get started!!

    The local shops have been very helpful in my fly selection for the water around here, the flies can be a it pricy but getting a step in the right direction was worth it not knowing where to start.

    Ready to branch out a little now that I have an idea of what I'm looking for. But still keep the local guys as a valued resource.

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    the issues raised about buying flies on line are very insightful and thoughtful.however,myself being a fly tyer,fly fisherman and an exporter of flies from kenya(africa) who is still trying to get customers to sell flies to in the USA,I'm a bit more concerned with the thread about importing flies from kenya,sri lanka..etc as being detrimental to local tyers and economies in the earlier stated,are you ok with dishing out hand-outs to the developing world year in year out or embrace trade as a better option of solving the problems of perrenial poverty this end of the world? don't give a damn?you might think so.
    sample this:my factory:fliesondemand which currently has 28 tyers,who inturn directly supports 230 people and the trickle effect goes on to cover a lot more people.this alone ensures my environment is safer,cleaner and promising.thanks to my American customer,the people here won't be coming to the USA to scavenge for jobs or indulge in clandestine op's due to desperation back at short,the world is trully a global village and what happens in one end will one way or the other be felt across the rest of the world.the question still remains of what about the USA fly tyer and the local economy?I think that it's time the USA fly tyer teamed up with us to exploit the art and craft of fly tying to it's full potential since a lot still remains untapped and again,as it is now,it may not even be cost effective to tie flies commercially in the USA.what is needed here is transfer of skills and technology.everybody wins.

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