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    Default Cabelas CGR Fiberglass Rods

    I was wondering if anyone has tried one of these out yet. I am looking at the 6'2" 2wt for fishing small streams in the Uintas. It's in my price range and would love to try some glass.


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    Default Re: Cabelas CGR Fiberglass Rods

    Had a few but ended up selling them on. Not a knock on the rod, I just didnt fish enough to warrant keeping them.

    They have an almost cult following in fiberglass circles because of the quality and value of the rods. So much so that Cabelas reintroduced them after a failed attempt at upgrading the black to the CGT - this is now discontinued and the new CGRs are appointed slightly different that the Original CGRs. The 2wt is a new addition to the line up.

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    Default Re: Cabelas CGR Fiberglass Rods

    Thanks guys for the information.

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    I bought the 5-9 3wt -

    I didn't care for the shake test in the store, but when I put line on it I was zipping it right out there, and I'm a mediocre caster.

    Will have more info after this weekend.

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    Small Stream Reflections: Cabela's C.G.R. Glass Rod

    If Alan loves the rod it's probably pretty good. Read his more recent posts for the rod in action.
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    Default Re: Cabelas CGR Fiberglass Rods

    Yes I have the 6'2 2wt. Works great as a true two imo. I use a h&h dt2f on mine. You need a really light reel if you're worried at all about balance. I can lay out 30' casts with ease. Roll casts like a dream too.

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    Default Re: Cabelas CGR Fiberglass Rods

    Any one of these rods be good for throwing streamers?

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    Default Re: Cabelas CGR Fiberglass Rods

    What size streamers? There's the 7/8 which will definitely throw some meaty flies... The 5/6 will also huck some smaller streamers... #6-10

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    I have the 5ft 9 inch 3wt and have fished it a few times. I have no issues with it. I primarily fish small streams and it fits in perfectly. I have tried wet flies, dries and small streamers, size 10 M. Finn types.

    I purchased a TFO BVK O reel and it balances beautifully with this rod. I currently have a Orvis WF 3 floating line but will experiment with others.

    Brk Trt

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