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  1. Default ECHO BAG Quickshot

    Has anyone thrown this rod? I'm interested in reading a review but can't seem to find any online.

    Bad Ass Glass Quickshot | Echo Fly Fishing


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    Default Re: ECHO BAG Quickshot

    I'd like to know, too. These rods look so new and maybe just coming to market. I don't think many people have laid hands on them just yet. I'm glad you posted this because I hadn't heard of them beyond the 9' models. The 8' rods look right up my alley. Also, not a bank breaker on the price.

    I'm thinking the seven weight for inshore salt and big LMB/carp. I really like my 5/6 weight CGR so maybe I'll go for the 6 weight BAG Quickshot. Sometimes, I crave a fiberglass rod that is slightly less noodle-ish than my CGR's.

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    Default Re: ECHO BAG Quickshot

    I too am interested in these Quickshot rods as the 9 footers were a bit too much for me weight and balance wise. Not crazy about the colors but maybe it grows on you. I think I shall give the 8 weight a try when they become available.

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