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    Default Re: River glass or something cheaper..?

    Thank you everyone for the great feed back. I’ve really taken things into consideration and right now, if I decide to go on a budget it’s gonna the 3 wt cgr. But part of me still wants to go with something a little nicer. I also have been giving the Renington butter stick a real good look recently, it just sucks that I won’t be able to try it first if I do decide on ordering that.

    Oh decisions decisions ....


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    Default Re: River glass or something cheaper..?

    Quote Originally Posted by karstopo View Post
    Some places give line credit for buying a rod, so itís possible to get the line for free.
    Stillwater will give a $75 line credit with that rod. With that and a Redington Zero reel, you can stay around your budget. On the other hand, a CGR will cost you $70. The Orvis Battenkill is $109 from Stillwater, with a $40 line credit, so you can get some Rio Mainstream for free, and the whole deal will come in at a little more than half your budget.
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    The Wetfly stuff I've seen appears to be the same as a Chinese company called Maxcatch. I have a few Maxcatch rods (both Ultraglass and Uniglass), but they are not what you would call "slow", at least for glass. I use them with half-weight heavy lines (or a full weight heavier in the case of the 4wt Uniglass). You can usually find the Maxcatch-branded rods cheaper than the Wetfly. I think they look better too, without the huge "Wetfly" logo.

    I've been pretty happy with the Echo rods I own, though I don't have any of the River Glass series yet. I do own a couple of their Shadow II's for euro nymphing, a 5wt Big Water glass froma year or two ago (really nice), and just bought a BAG Quickshot 6wt a few weeks ago. That latter rod is definitely not slow -- probably casts further than any other glass 6wt I've tried so far.

    Another inexpensive Chinese glass rod company to look at is Aventik / River Runs. They sell on Amazon sometimes. I like their 4wt 7'8" rod; seems true to weight and casts nice, though not as nice as my Orvis Superfine 4wt

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    Default Re: River glass or something cheaper..?

    Were it I, I'd go with either a Fenwick Fenglass or the Echo River Glass rod, slap a Piscifun Sword reel on it, some Cortland fly line, and never look back.

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    Default Re: River glass or something cheaper..?

    The CGR is slow, I own a 4wt and its a good trout rod, I tried the river glass 3wt and I really liked the taper, but its a much faster glass rod, to me they are not comparable and as much as I like the CGR its for smaller water, its too slow and short for my home rivers. For me.

    I feel a fen glass in the $200 range might be something to check out, Ive always had a soft spot for Fenwick glass, the fen glass is a nice rod, backbone modern yet a bit more old school and full flexing.

    Your rod should be based on the size of flies and how you like to cast and fight fish. I like a little faster glass and a little power in reserve, yet full flexing for battling nice trout. All of this rod talk is still slow compared to graphite.

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