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    Default Re: Sloppy Tip on Fiberglass fly rods?

    Glass rods will magnify your casting errors. The other side of that coin is that they will make you a better caster. You can't cheat with glass.

    It's like golfers, who debate endlessly about cavity backs vs. blades. Graphite rods are over-sized cavity backs with lots of offset to compensate for slicing, a trampoline face to compensate for poor distance, and extreme perimeter weighting with tungsten-injected speed slots to compensate for every other kind of poor contact resulting from poor swing mechanics. And glass is the forged muscleback, the precision tool for use by artists, with instant, informative feedback and unparalleled feel when struck purely, kind of like the fish-on feel of glass rods.

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    First thanks for all the help with casting tips. I can see where that can come into the equation. But maybe I was not clear, because most of my troubles with the glass rod is not loading the rod and making a 20 to 30 foot cast. My problems come into view when I need to make a 10-15 foot cast (or less), most of the time with vegetation over-head. A cast that drops into a basketball sized area and misses the numerous obstacles that can make up a small Smoky Mountain stream. The Orvis Superfine would do it, but not with the consistency of my graphite rods.

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    Default Re: Sloppy Tip on Fiberglass fly rods?

    I would practice with that rod until you find the sweet spot. It is one of my favorite rods, but I do have to adjust my stroke when switching from a stiffer graphite rod. Orvis really created something special with their Superfine Glass rods.
    ....Just one more cast...

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    Default Re: Sloppy Tip on Fiberglass fly rods?

    Keep practicing and perhaps experiment with a different line if the problem continues. I have a cheap Cabela's CGR and it casts accurately at appropriate ranges. Except the first few minutes of every trip always include a few blown up casts. The cause is always the same. Once I make a conscious effort to slow waaay down all is well for the rest of the day. There is no getting around it, you have to let a glass rod fully load for a good result. It's challenging to switch back and forth from graphite to glass. For me anyway.

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    Default Re: Sloppy Tip on Fiberglass fly rods?

    I would suggest trying a couple of different lines...a WF4F line. The Rio Gold works great for me on my SFG whether I’m hitting a small pocket close in or 25’ out. Unless your rod is damaged, I’m confident it’s not the stick’s fault...the s-glass on your SFG is superb taking a back seat to no glass rod.

    It’s difficult to diagnose casting challenges on a forum...probably best to seek out a local pro (who likes glass) to check out your equipment and observe your casting techniques.
    MIKE ADAIR - Exploring New Mexico landscapes through fly fishing, golf, and art.

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    Default Re: Sloppy Tip on Fiberglass fly rods?

    I have in the neighborhood of 15 glass rods that I might use on a given day.
    They're all different but one common truth is that if you over-power your cast it's not going to be accurate.

    My slowest glass rod is a Lamiglass 4wt
    Even though I've had that rod for 47 years it still takes me a good 10 minutes to adjust my stroke to the proper speed. But once I relax my cast, that slow action is most enjoyable
    I think that you'll find that it's that simple.
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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