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  1. Default Looking to meet up w/ locals to fish w/ in NM/CO/WY/MT.

    hey everyone-

    a friend and i are planning a road/fishing trip from texas, through new mexico, colorado, wyoming, (YELLOWSTONE!), and finally, SW montana- bitterroot valley- where i have family. we'll hang there for a week or so, then head back a different route.

    if anyone's in:
    CO: durango, montrose, (anywhere on the western slope)
    WY: jackson hole, tetons, yellowstone, etc.
    Southwestern MT: yellowstone, missoula, bitterroot valley, hamilton, darby, sula, etc.

    I'LL BUY THE BEER AND LUNCH if you'll go fishing with us! don't want to hire a guide, just someone to point us in the right direction! PM/Email me if you're in the area and we'd love to meet up w/ you for a day of trouting.

    grace and peace-
    samuel pitamber

  2. Default Re: Looking to meet up w/ locals to fish w/ in NM/CO/WY/MT.

    When will you be fishing around Yellowstone? I'm in Livingston, and may be available to go with you guys.
    Let me know.


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