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Thread: Glad to See This Forum

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    It is all too often that I'd like to go to the coast and fly fish the salt flats and just can't seem to find a partner that can get away when I can. Are there some retired R.O.F.s out there who enjoy guided fly fishing for reds, tarpon, trout, permit etc. and who would like to share the casting deck and expenses. :?: If so, holler.

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    Hello Don:

    Thanks for your post. You might want to take a look at SaltyFly Jack's post under the "Saltwater Fly Fishing" section. He is looking for someone to join him on some saltwater fishing trips.

    Thanks again for posting... please register and keep posting on this educational forum.


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    Yes you can find tailing Reds in the shallows during the winter. You need to wait for the weather fonts & warmer days heat up the shallows during the late mornings & afternoons.

    There are a few Kayak rental places in: Beaumont, Galveston, Rock Port, & Aransas Pas. Most of the rental shops will supply you with a kayak, paddle, seat & PFD. You need to provide the fishing extras. I can show you how to add a rod holder to a small cooler which will have you ready to fish.

    Were are you from? I can meet you anywhere between Tyler & the Coast. I would be interested in next weekend or the weekend of Feb 4th, weather permitting. (ie. if there is a NE wind the fishing if OFF) Call me at 903-565-4728 or e-mail me

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    Don, I will send you an e-mail. I am retired and have an understanding wife who does not mind me wandering. I prefer to fish during the week and stay away from the crowds.

    Crime does not pay, neither does farming.

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