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  1. Default Shoutout to Massachusetts USA fishermen!

    I'm new here and wondering if anyone here is from Massachusetts, just started fly fishing 2 days ago, got a 7 inch native ranbow already, looking for a good place to go besides deep spots in small streams.

    Deer Field Run i have hearded to be good but very overfished so you have to match the fly match exactly.

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    Default Re: Shoutout to Massachusetts USA fishermen!

    Hi granadethrow,

    Welcome to the forum and fly fishing. I know nothing about Massachusetts trout fishing but there is a lot of water. Here is a link to some fly fishing in Massachusetts. There is a lot of coastal fishing for Strippers. Scan down the page and you will find a list of Fly Fishing clubs. Find one in your area and join.


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    I'm looking for guys to flyfish in Massachusetts too.

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