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  1. Default 2 partners required for fly trip to Argentina Jan 2014

    We are looking for 2 fly-fishers to join us on a memerable 10days trip to Argentina in Jan 2014.
    Malleo river (walk & wade), Calefu (2 day float), Colluncura (1 day float), Limay Medio (4 day float) etc.
    ca $7,000 total (excluding airfare to Buenos Aires).
    The float down the Limay (top water fishing for big browns) requires a minimum of 4 fly-fishers.
    Why not join us? We are 2 easy going retired professionals who love fly-fishing, looking for 2 similar to make up a party of 4.
    We could go any 10 days between Jan 5th & Feb 7th 2014.
    Will supply detailed info if interested.
    John Harrison

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    Default Re: 2 partners required for fly trip to Argentina Jan 2014

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