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    We're looking for 1-2 fly fishermen to join us this fall (September 27-October11th) in our annual DIY adventure to Mongolia. We'll fish one of the last hidden gems of Mongolia in a protected zone on the border with China where very few outsiders got to fish before and where the taimen are still very abundant. Our Mongolian guide will supply us with all the necessary permits to enter that protected area. The total cost is $2200 including transportation within Mongolia, the guide, cook and all the permits.
    Please send me a private message if you are interested.


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    Sounds like a great trip and a great value.

    Wish I could make it but that time for me is gone, while I fish the ocean and raise up 5 more parasites I will however live vicariously through you guys on these adventures.

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    Hi Tomasz.
    Sounds like a great Trip you won't be disappointed however This year I'll be Fishing in Switzerland & Germany for sure & possibly Scotland then next year I'll be taking a few of My Local Fishing Mates to The US to Fish especially a couple of Rivers in Alaska as well as The NW & hopefully catch up with some of The many Friends I've made over The years.

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    Hi guys,

    It's going to be my 4th trip in a row to Mongolia. I've been living and working in China the past 5 years and each time I travel to Mongolia I fall deeper and deeper in love with its culture, people and fantastic fisheries.
    Attached are some of our catches from last year.

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