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    In addition to mentioning the annual San Juan trip for Lubbock, TX folks (and I'm assuming others) in another thread, I would like to get out and explore other waters. Being new to the south plains of TX, I am really unfamiliar with the area. I am also plenty busy with family life and school and I don't often find the time to really do the research on places where the drive will not be wasted. If there are any of you who might be willing to take a new guy under wing and introduce him to the area (NM and CL included), I would like to make the last year here before moving back north one to remember on new waters. Thanks in advance!

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    Have you ever fished the Cimarron River in NM? This a stream to too far from you and is loaded with Browns. In early June of each year there is a fantastic stonefly hatch and the Browns will eagerly slam a size 14 stimulator.


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    I haven't fished it yet, but when meeting with those who tied yesterday, many spoke of the river and what a good experience it is. It is one I'll try and get to sooner than later. I gather the next step is to speak with someone familiar with the water and get the details. Thanks for the suggestion. Any additional info is, of course, always welcome and thanks in advance for such.

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    One good thing about the Cimarron is that it doesn’t require a lot of knowledge to fish unless you’re a total beginner. There are several good times throughout the year to fish it depending on the hatch.

    My favorite time is early June. A major stonefly hatch comes off usually around late May and last several weeks. Its pretty consistent. The first or second week of June is a great time to be there. The summer crowds have not yet gotten there and the weather is just right. Its still a good idea to go during the week rather than the weekend so you can have even more water to yourself. This is dry fly fishing at its best. The 4,000 Browns per mile are coming up to slam the stones. Size 14 yellow stimulators work great all day long.

    The Cimarron River runs about 12 miles through Cimarron Canyon State Park. The river is never far from the highway so water access is very easy. There are no cabins but there are plenty of camping facilities inside the park including RV sites. I usually stay at the four-room motel just outside the park entrance gate in Ute, NM. I think the name is Pine Point Lodge. Its only about $50 for nice room with two beds. You can also go into Eagle Nest or Red River, NM for nicer accommodations and more things to do outside of fishing.

    Now, there are two sections of private water on the Cimarron. The Holy Water and the Cita Ranch (Dream Water). You must have a guide to fish these areas but the fishing is fantastic and you’ll be the only person fishing that area. Doc Thompson of High Country Anglers is a guide that I would highly recommend for Northeast NM including the Cimarron. His web site is at I have used Doc before and he is a very good guide and the education alone that you’ll get from him is worth the guide fee.

    Our local fly fishing club, the Lone Star Fly Fishers of Tyler, tries to make a Cimarron trip each year. Maybe you can join us this June. Perhaps we could make it a dual club outing and the Hub City Tiers could join us.


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    Thanks for the in depth description. Funny you should mention Doc Thompson. In tying with the crew on Sat. morning past, he was highly reccommended and the subject of fond stories always emphasizing good experience, quiet and humble nature, knowledge, and a gift for teaching.


    Someday when a student family's budget will allow it, I will contact a fellah such as him and enjoy the time and learning. For now, it may be tagging along with others making the trip for less cost. We'll see.

    Steve, thanks again. Thus far you've been ever quick to respond, encouraging, and free with information. I hope our paths may cross sometime. Thanks again,


    (P.S. -- Incidentally, I heard whispered in hushed tones that Doc has a particular gift for teaching the wife of many a husband how to become one with the flyfishing experience and surpass her spouse on just about every front. As my wife has shown passing interest in the past, I've already dreamed of just how good that piece of humble pie would taste. ;o) especially if a new fishing bud is there to help me clean up the crumbs. And she's cute too!)
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    We really should explore a dual club outing this spring, and the Cimarron would be perfect! There are a few of us who are also putting in for the lottery on the Valle Caldera for a specified date. Check it out at and I will post the date when we figure it out.
    Kyle Jones - Owner
    Mountain Hideaway Fly Fishing Shop

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    I will bring up the dual outing idea at the next club board meeting. I too think its a great idea. I'll keep you posted.

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