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Thread: So Cal area??

  1. Default So Cal area??

    Anyone want to go fishing in the Southern Ca area. I live in Riverside but just about anywhere from Castaic Lake down to Hmm havent found a place south enough that I wouldnt fish in . Like going to the normal places of Deep Creek, Bear Creek and San Gabriel river but also enjoy finding these little streams in the spring that are just full of life and smallish trout. Always am looking for new waters to go fishing on. Anyone want to meet up?? Gets boring going by myself most of the time.


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    Check your PM.
    fly-fishing (flI'fish"ing)- n. a method of angling using an artificial fly as a lure while freezing, sweating, swatting or swearing.

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    PM sent back, can't make it on Friday mornings but anytime after 3 pm is good for me

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