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    Default Syndicate 10' 4wt New

    Just a few weeks old and i've done nothing with it. I haven't even cast it. I'd return it to Blue Quill but I took the plastic off the cork and they won't take it back for a refund. They'll give me store credit but I need the money. It's a nice rod. I'm just going in another direction.


    Sorry, no camera, so no pictures but it's brand new. You won't be disappointed in it.
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    Default Re: Syndicate 10' 4wt New

    Brand new rod guys.

    How about $225 and i'll split the shipping with you.

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    Default Re: Syndicate 10' 4wt New

    I'm surprised. 183 views and zero interest. How cheap did you guys think a new rod would be?

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    Default Re: Syndicate 10' 4wt New

    Quote Originally Posted by old timer View Post
    I'm surprised. 183 views and zero interest. How cheap did you guys think a new rod would be?
    It’s not the price my friend. Sooner or later someone will jump on this deal.

    I’m looking to add a 10’ 4 weight and did some research on your rod model when you first posted. If I was looking for a Euro nymphing rod this Syndicate would be a great buy. But I’m really looking for a relatively fast all around rod to use for lakes as well as dry flies and streamers.

    I considered going after your rod as a potentially acceptable compromise, but then decided to wait. Someone will take this rod, but this time of year most people are like me and don’t feel any sense of urgency about buying rods that won’t get wet for at least three months.

    But this is a good buy on a respected rod. I think you just need to be a little more patient and it will sell.

    Good luck and don’t get discouraged.

    Best wishes


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    Default Re: Syndicate 10' 4wt New

    I wish I could say how it casts. I think it would be fine for dry flies and of course any kind of nymphing. Big flies on a lake might not be it's best use.

    I was hoping a good price would speed up the sale. I have a Hawken muzzleloader I want to buy and the seller won't hold it for me much longer. I really don't want to sell this rod but it's the last thing I can sell to gather enough for the Hawken. My Social Security check doesn't stretch too far.

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    Default Re: Syndicate 10' 4wt New

    FWIW I have a Syndicates 2wt that I mainly euro nymph and it really is excellent in that area. However, I carry a spare spool with 3wt line just in case I see fish rising. I over line the rod and it handles dries, dry-droppers, and indicators rigs with no problem at all. There is a youtube video from Due South Outfitters in Boone, NC, where they talk about how well this rod performs from their drift boats as indicator rigs. Syndicates are excellent rods at an excellent value. They're not just euro nymphing rods. They can do it all and do it well.

    I have a 10'6" 3wt from another manufacturer and it's not nearly as versatile as the Syndicate.

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    Default Re: Syndicate 10' 4wt New

    Ok, I get it. I guess i'll keep it. I prefer shorter bamboo rods but i'll give this rod a try. It has a nice soft tip and stronger butt. It should make a good dry fly rod. The length should be good for line control.

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