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Ard 02-25-2010 02:59 PM

Flies for Alaska Salmon Fishing
This thread is open to all of our members to post pictures and tying recipes for their favorite salmon fly pattern. If you have salmon fly favorites for fishing the Pacific North West and Alaska, you may place them here. Please remember to include the tying recipe for others to use.

[Note:] This thread will be for member tied submissions so do not post links to other web sites. Postings with links will be removed. Please do not post comments to the thread; it is for submitting 'Your' salmon fly pictures and recipes. If you would like to make comments post to the AK. General Discussion forum. Thank you for your cooperation and participation here.

I will open the thread with a few tried and true producers.

Rainy Day Special;

Hook: Single salmon size 2 - 4
Thread: Black
Eyes: Zinc dumbbell eyes lg.
Body: Wound with lavender / pearl estaz chenille
Wing: A small bunch of lavender blue crystal flash fibers
Collar: Medium blue hackle

Chartreuse Amnesia;

Hook: Daiichi 2051 single size 1.5
Thread: Black
Tag: Flat medium silver tinsel, use metal tinsel not Mylar, the latter will not hold up well.
Tip: Chartreuse floss very long
Butt: A nice black saddle hackle wound and angled back toward bend of hook
Body: Chartreuse green floss
Ribbing: Wide embossed silver tinsel followed with a chartreuse green spey hackle
Wing: A sparse bunch of long black bear or polar bear dyed black
Collar: A bright yellow saddle hackle

Orange Bunny Fur Comet;

Hook: Single salmon size 2 - 4
Tail: A small bunch of orange crystal flash over which is short strip of orange bunny fur
Body: Orange bunny strip wound to the eyes with hairs folded back
Eyes: Large zinc dumbbells

Please scroll down the thread because members are posting more flies here, enjoy.

Guest1 02-25-2010 04:47 PM

Re: Your Flies for Alaska Salmon Fishing
This is a surface fly for Alaskan Silver Salmon and Chum Salmon, although Steelhead may take it as well. Some variations of this fly are very large (4") and are tied on Bass Bugg hooks. They are clipped without the wings, which on this version are clipped to force the fly to ride on the surface as it is swung in the current.

The Pink Pollywog
Side View
Front View
Hook Tiemco 8389 or your choice of Salmon or Bass Bug hook, 2 to 2/0.
Thread Heavy pink.
Tail Pink marabou, with purple crystal flash.
Body Pink Deer hair, spun and clipped to shape.

Ard 02-25-2010 06:20 PM

Alaskan Lady;
For the white fly enthusiasts...............


Hook: Size three used here in A.J. Steelhead Iron black
Tag: Flat medium silver tinsel
Tail: Golden pheasant crest dyed bright red
Body: Bone white floss burnished a bit
Rib: Medium oval silver tinsel
Hackle: Bleached white goose wing feather swept back spey style
Wing: Sparse natural polar bear tied over hackle
Cheeks: Jungle cock eyes cocked slightly to give a sassy appearance

Guest1 02-25-2010 10:12 PM

Flies for Alaska Salmon Fishing, Polar Shrimp
There are a number of versions of this fly. The Traditional, Haas wing style which this fly is, Spey and Dee versions. I will tie and post all of them.

Polar Shrimp, Haas wing style
Polar Shrimp
Hook Mustad 36890 or similar, size #2 to #8
Thread Red
Tag Flat gold tinsel
Tail Scarlett hackle fibers
Body Orange Seal fur or substitute (Orange Waspi super bright dubbing)
Rib Oval gold tinsel
Wing Calf tail, may use Arctic Fox or Polar Bear
Collar Orange hackle

Ard 02-27-2010 11:59 AM

Assassin, AK. style
Assassin, AK. style; used for all species of salmon

AK. Assassin;

Hook: 2/0 for Kings, smaller for others
Tail: Two bunch's of hackle fibers one hot pink and one chartreuse
Butt: Chartreuse synthetic chenille
Body: Pink synthetic chenille
Underwing: Pink crystal flash, Make it long and lay it along the body
Wing: Opaque white poly yarn
Top: More pink crystal flash dont be afraid to make it long enough so it will trail the fly.

tob1 02-27-2010 12:20 PM

Re: Your Flies for Alaska Salmon Fishing
Maybe one that will work in Alaska
Hook size 4.
Thread : Kevlar
Tail: Pink antron
Body: 3 strands from White shoe lace.
Rib: PVC
Hackle: red and yellow cock hackle + light grey hen hackle.


Ard 02-28-2010 03:10 AM

Orange Amnesia;
A good low water substitute for the Orange Bunny Fur Comet.

The Orange Amnesia;

Tying Recipe;

Hook: Daiichi 2051 single size 1.5
Thread: Black
Tag: Oval silver tinsel
Tip: Orange floss tied long
Butt: A black saddle hackle wound and angled back; over this is a bunch of orange hackle fibers as a tail
Body: Orange dubbing of your choice picked out a bit
Ribbing: Wide embossed silver tinsel
Wing: A sparse bunch of long black bear or polar bear dyed black
Hackle: Goose shoulder that is bleach burnt and dyed bright orange

jpbfly 03-01-2010 11:58 AM

Re: Your Flies for Alaska Salmon Fishing
My friend Ard wanted me to tie a salmon fly for Alaska ....although I've never fished for salmon:oso I tied one with the materials I could find.I'll repost it in the share patterns thread to get some specialist's opinions....the boss doesn't want any comments here:army:
Alaskan Tsarina;)
Hook size 2
Rabbit hair( white and orange)
Cristal hair(pearl)
Orange dubbing,gold tinsel
Hen feather
Plastic orange bead.

Guest1 03-02-2010 01:22 PM

Re: Your Flies for Alaska Salmon Fishing
This is the Spey fly version of the Polar Shrimp. I have tied two versions of it. In both flies the hackle is from the middle of the body forward. The sparse version, one side of the hackle is stripped off be before tying it in. The "bushy" version would be effective for Kings.

Polar Shrimp, Spey version.
Sparse Version
Bushy Version
Hook Alec Jackson 1.5
Thread Red
Tag Flat gold tinsel
Tail Red hackle fibers
Body Orange SLF
Rib Oval gold tinsel
Hackle Orange Marabou, from mid-body. May strip one side.
Collar Two turns of Orange Mallard flank.
Wing Two matching slips of white Goose shoulder tied Spey style.

Guest1 03-10-2010 10:33 PM

Re: Your Flies for Alaska Salmon Fishing
Popsicle ( Tube Fly Version ) These 'fluffy' bright colored flies work on salmon and Steelhead. There are quite a few patterns in this popular family of flies. Like the Alaska Showgirl, Pixie's Revenge, and more.

Popsicle, the tube fly version.
Hook Mustad 36890 or equivalent size 4 to 1/0, or tube.
Thread Red
Weight .035 lead wire. (Optional)
Body Silver tinsel
Hackle Fluorescent Orange, Fuscia, and Purple Marabou.
Flash Pearlescent Flashabou, or Electric Blue and Gold Flashabou applied after the orange hackle.

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