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Ard 05-27-2012 02:28 PM

Hitching Hope to a New Star......
Although there are some salmon flies that seem to always produce I usually try a 'new hand' at the game each season. Salmon, unlike a resident trout are different every year. Not a different species but new fish; you never see the same salmon this year as you caught last year and so it pays to have something different to show the fish. I'll begin hunting for Kings this coming week and have added 4 of the fly pattern below to my King box.

Max Canyon;

Hook: Standard Salmon size 2/0 - 4
Tail: 2 generous bunches of hackle tips, orange on bottom white on top
Body: Rear 2/3 deep orange wool – front 1/3 black Mohair yarn
Rib: Medium gold oval tinsel
Hackle: Black Schlappen
Wing: Orange buck tail with some sparse Polar Bear or substitute over top, top it off with white buck tail
Head: Black

These are pretty simple to make and maybe I'll dye everything the same shade of orange if the fly produces. I saw a picture of this Pacific North West steelhead pattern and thought immediately of the kings. It has all the right stuff; high vis colors, and the all powerful white wing crest. The fly is tied on a Gamakatsu 2/0 standard salmon hook and I'll add the recipe and the pictures to the flies for AK. salmon thread so if you're dying to make some the recipe will be here on the forum.

I'm thinking I'll tie this very fly to my leader when I find that first king and swing it past to see if I've hitched my hope to the right star :)

mcnerney 05-27-2012 09:03 PM

Re: Hitching Hope to a New Star......
Ard: Great looking pattern, just my style, simple to tie but very effective on the stream!

wovenstonefly 05-27-2012 09:41 PM

Re: Hitching Hope to a New Star......
Beautiful flies Ard. I've been meaning to ask you... if I was to send you a couple flies that I'm curious about. Would you give them a swing and tell me if they work? I'm lacking on the salmon here in Utah But I hope to make it up there next year and I want a couple flies besides the egg sucking leech that I can have faith in.

Ard 05-28-2012 12:56 AM

Re: Hitching Hope to a New Star......
Hi Allen,

I can try a fly for you if you want. If you come for kings, some of the best flies I've used for them are; Skykomish Sunrise, Freight Train, Thor, and the AK. Assassin. They are all simple to make, durable, and easy to cast. This fly, Max Canyon, I have a good feeling for based on the colors and construction being similar to the others that have proven to be good.

Thank you Larry,

I will of course let you know how the fly does.

caseywise 05-28-2012 01:25 AM

Re: Hitching Hope to a New Star......
that should catch some kings for sure,
nice tie ard:cool:


Ard 06-14-2012 09:29 AM

Re: Hitching Hope to a New Star......

I lost that fly to a submerged tree limb. I tried like the devil to save it but when the leader broke the fly did the sling shot thing and sprang off the wood drifting away into the abyss........ I then tied on an AK. Assassin and caught some fish.

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