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    I wandered into this thread a while back and decided good flies and a good cause were worth a try. Flies received today-- WOW! Good flies--lots and lots of good flies. Jerry, I am now fully equipped for further "research" and expect one of these days to send you a photo of a 20 inch grayling on a Hairwing 530 dry . . . Many thanks, and thinking of you and yours!

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    Default Re: The 2014 "Fly Box 80" Collections...

    Hey weavrm,

    Glad to hear that your selection arrived safely, and that you're pleased with the assortment. And, if you have any fishing buddies in need, send them my way. With our weather, the nearly non-stop rains and my lack of wading gear for now, I'll be building boxes for awhile yet...

    Let me hear from you after the trout-- and any other local fish --start quaking in fear as you approach the stream, fly box in hand...

    Wade safe, and fish 'em hard...

    Jerry, aka hairwing530

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