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    Default Re: Tube Fly Construction And Materials

    Well I figured I’d give them a shot, there’s some really great runs along rock cliffs that are deep and fast some of the areas I know there are fish are impossible to get down without a ton of weight even with a sink tip.

    When I tied up some leeches for my friend who just started two hand casting this last fall, I tied them very heavy large cone and lead free weight wrapped. He did really well on those flies and caught some big steelhead. I’m fishing weight free tubes, either I have to use some t-14 or heavier or do the same.

    I’m glad he thinks I’m a fly tying genius but maybe I should follow my own advice once and a while! LOL

    That being said he was swinging really high water and it worked out for him. I tied him a big Black and Tan Balmoral with ton of weight and long bushy hair wing and long black heron on the tube, I guess it was the ticket.

    Also the rivers in Sweden look pretty big and deep, starting to get my Atlantic Salmon tying going for the next run, next year.

    Didn’t get to the vise yet, tonight for sure, I just got back from up north my smoked deer sausage was done!
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    Default Re: Tube Fly Construction And Materials

    I would like to add, I hate using a ton of weight or too heavy sink tips, so maybe I’m willing to sacrifice some takes for more enjoyable casting. When he told me what he wanted he said heavy cone head so that’s what I tied for him.

    If I could just dry line all the time that would be great, but I would be limited to a week of fishing in the spring and fall.

    Certainly I’ve done quite a bit of experiments thus far with flies and sink tips, it’s always a trade off.
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