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Thread: The Swing Shift

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    Default The Swing Shift

    The Swing Shift - A Marty Howard original


    Hook: Alec Jackson
    Tip: Silver oval tinsel
    Tag: Purple floss
    Tail: G.P. tippet, and dark purple G.P. crest
    Body: Rear 1/3 flat silver tinsel, front 2/3 purple ice dub
    Rib: Silver oval tinsel
    Hackle: Black schlappen
    Collar: Dyed black pheasant rump
    Wing: 2 dyed black pheasant rump feathers
    Head: Black thread w/ Loon UV cure

    “If I fished only to capture fish, my fishing trips would have ended long ago.”
    ~Zane Grey

    " . . . shouldn't a man stand on his own two feet and catch his own steelhead? Maybe put out some effort and find his own fish just for the fun of it?"
    ~Syd Glasso

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    Default Re: The Swing Shift

    Beautiful work, congrats!

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    Default Re: The Swing Shift

    You do beautiful work! I appreciate you posting.

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    Default Re: The Swing Shift

    I appreciate your posts as well, well done!


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