Another unnamed pink feather wing original guessed it.......Marty Howard. Are you guys getting the hint yet? Marty and his brother in law Dec have developed some pretty special steelhead flies. Way cooler than an ole soggy bunny leech.

Some day I'll figure out where to end the body to make a cleaner head. Oh well.......


Hook: Alec Jackson 1.5 extra heavy wire
Tag: Fine silver oval tinsel
Tail: GP crest topped with tippet
Butt: Pink ostrich herl
Body: Rear half orange floss, front hot pink angora dub
Rib: Medium flat silver tinsel
Hackle: Hot pink schlappen
Collar: Red schlappen
Wing: 4x hot pink ringneck pheasant rump feathers
Cheeks: Jungle Cock
Head: Red thread with Loon UV cure