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    Default Re: How Many Tie and Fish Tube Flies?

    You are correct that most tube flies will be some type of streamer. They don't have to be large though, I have seen nymphs tied on a tube as well...

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    Default Re: How Many Tie and Fish Tube Flies?

    Honestly, most all of your hair wing patterns work for trout. They're usually smaller than a lot it big streamers. I have great luck with them. Picture of a couple for reference

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    Default Re: How Many Tie and Fish Tube Flies?

    Tied my first tube last night. Though not truly a tube fly, I'm working on a Popovic Beast fleye, but tied on segments of tube, ala Brammer's Build a Beast. I got the tail segments completed last night and tonight I'll finish the reverse tie and bulkhead collar of the hook section. Pretty excited over the way its turning out. I'll post a picture once it's finished.
    Might need to stock up on some real tubes for future flies. I tied this one on tubes from ink pens as this was an experiment. It worked but I did cut through one while reefing down to flare out the bucktail.

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    Default Re: How Many Tie and Fish Tube Flies?

    When I get my pike tubes in, I'll tie one. I used to tie and sell beast fleyes. If you're wanting to just get the pattern down, I'd recommend starting on big game shanks and a 6/0 to 8/0 hook. It takes a lot of good deer hair to do and the better hair is becoming few and far between... Also, you use a lot more hair because of the diameter of the time being larger.

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    Default Re: How Many Tie and Fish Tube Flies?

    Quote Originally Posted by spm View Post
    Thanks, Danny. In the pictures I've seen, they seem to be only large flies, streamers, saltwater, salmon, steelhead, etc. I'm guessing you would't use this method for smaller trout flies?

    I only use tube flies to swing for steelhead. These flies are about 4 inches long and have a big profile. If tied on a hook to accommodate their size they would be very heavy and difficult to cast. However, tied on a tube they are nearly weightless and can be cast 100ft with relative ease with a spey rod. Sometimes I lightly weight the tube. I primarily fish these flies in high winter flows when the fish are traveling and resting close to the bank out of the heavy current. An unweighted or lightly weighted tube fly on a light tip won’t hang up like a large fly on a heavy iron would.

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