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    Monaltrie is both a beat and a large cottage on the River Dee. This vintage fly is rather unique for the time and is very shrimp like in appearance. Yet another pattern from 'The Lost Salmon Flies of Balmoral' by Colin Innes.......


    Hook - Blue Heron #2
    Tag - Medium silver oval tinsel
    Tail - Natural red GP breast feather wound in the round at rear
    Body - Green angora dub
    Hackle - Black ringneck pheasant rump
    Throat - Teal flank
    Wing - Turkey tail
    Head - Black thread and Loon UV cure

    “If I fished only to capture fish, my fishing trips would have ended long ago.”
    ~Zane Grey

    " . . . shouldn't a man stand on his own two feet and catch his own steelhead? Maybe put out some effort and find his own fish just for the fun of it?"
    ~Syd Glasso

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    Default Re: Monaltrie

    Thanks, flytie09, that's a new one on me - not surprising given your source though!

    I really like it and can see it working well still, especially on peaty water with a good light to pick up the tinsel rib. So many modern flies are twinkleflashed into disco-lures that it's nice to see something more subdued, especially in a 'suggestive/imitative' pattern like a shrimp fly.

    A few years back I ran the 'rod shop' on my estate for 1/2 an hour each morning where I rented gear and sold flies to guests. I 'inherited' about plain 270 Stoats Tails in the inventory.
    By the time I left 4 years later there were about 170 still left - and most of those I'd shifted were sent down to the river on rental rods! Folks just wouldn't buy them although they're as good a fly today as there were one hundred years ago and more.
    Why? No flash. Even his glitzy, showbiz cousin, the Silver Stoat, gets little time in the water these days here and yet, if I could fish just one pattern all season, I'd take the Silver Stoat as an all-heights/all-colours/all-season fly.

    The Monaltrie reminds me of the Green Peter and the Grouse and Green trout flies. I say 'trout flies'. The record salmon on my old Lewis home system, 19 lbs, took a Green Peter. I bet he'd have taken the Monaltrie had it been offered.

    My copy of 'Lost Flies' arrived this week though I've yet to open it. (Inferior) Tying should start next week for me. Thanks again for the headzup and the flies!

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