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Ard 02-10-2014 07:09 PM

Sunray Shadow;
Colin mentioned it when titling this forum. I've heard of it before but never tied or fished it. The fly is quite popular with the European anglers and as soon as I made my first I could see why.

One half dozen to start things off because I can see this simple fly taking many rainbow trout as well as silver salmon :cool:

Gotta like that,


jabrowning24 02-10-2014 11:05 PM

Re: Sunray Shadow;
I dig this one Ard! Another month or so and that thing should be killer! I will be making some of them!

Ard 02-10-2014 11:26 PM

Re: Sunray Shadow;
Hi Josh,

It goes like this;

Pro Tube regular size, I made half with no weight for semi skater types & half with Pro Tube drop weights on them

I have some very old braided tinsel with a cotton core, you may have mylar braided tubing. Slide the mylar back until it is up over the junction tube, use your judgment for the stopping point. Then secure the mylar with red silk, make a nice butt and put a half hitch on it. Now coat with zap a gap.

Come forward and stretch the mylar toward the tip of the tube. Secure it with the red silk, apply zap a gap and then when it ets cut the silk with razor, apply a bit more glue.

The time comes in waiting for the glue to dry.........

Wing; sparse white buck tail - for strands tinsel, tie down and double back, secure and trim tinsel. Now top with black arctic fox or similar soft long hair.

Apply cheeks finish head area, I put a half hitch on the thread and then zap a gap it.

You can see that I kept the head small and neatly trimmed of materials as I went. Each step - buck tail & fox, I gave a dab of cement to hold the fort.

I am seriously liking the prospects of this simple tie. If you have never seen the video 'Sunray Sunray' which is a Hitler spoof, check it out. Don't have any children watching the screen if they can read :) All the audio is in German and it's funny.

I had never heard of the Sunray until a fellow sent me that you tube vid almost 2 years ago. It took 2 years for me to tie any :confused: Weird huh

cb 02-11-2014 03:14 AM

Re: Sunray Shadow;
Just a quick tying suggestion guys - layer the wing. (and use the softest goat hair you can find).

I suggest building up the hair wing in small bunches. Each bunch slightly longer than the last. You will create a lovely taper to the fly and its swimming properties will be so good you will see why salmon are so attracted. Promise! :)

Here are some being shown to me by a local expert angler on Norway's river Reisa. A big salmon river!

The longest I saw was 9in long!

pm287 02-11-2014 05:03 AM

Re: Sunray Shadow;

Is the stained water in the glass a requirement? That is a requirement for fishing or tying????......

cb 02-11-2014 05:28 AM

Re: Sunray Shadow;

Originally Posted by pm287 (Post 639065)
Is the stained water in the glass a requirement? That is a requirement for fishing or tying????......


Essential 'club-house' kit for Atlantic Salmon Fishing trips :-)

Highland Park 18yo. Glorious!


PS> Contrary to popular belief - you can fish these flies very slowly across the current (i.e. no stripping at all). They move so seductively they can be irresistible. Or strip as fast as you can for heart stopping action!

jbird 02-11-2014 08:10 AM

Re: Sunray Shadow;
Ard, that ones a beauty. Simple and attractive. Should be deadly.

cb, I really like the looks of those. Its easy to see that they will have beautiful movement in the water. Could be a real nice plan for worm hatches like sand worms for stripers and Palolo worm for Tarpon.... Not to mention worms and leeches for bass and everything else.

Thanks guys! Keep it up!

jabrowning24 02-11-2014 09:55 AM

Re: Sunray Shadow;
Oh man. This is a great thread! Ards look great for tge smolt migration and these tied by cb are going to be killers when the lampreys are heading down to spawn! Thanks guys.

Ard 02-11-2014 12:21 PM

Re: Sunray Shadow;
Hi Colin,

I was about to order some Icelandic Sheep hair, will that be soft enough or is there a particular seller for the Goat hair you mentioned?

When the hair is that long, how far back do you trail the hook?

jpbfly 02-11-2014 12:24 PM

Re: Sunray Shadow;
Not surprising fish like it....:rolleyes:;)

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