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Thread: Flies for Alaska Salmon Fishing

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    Default Multi Purpose Fly;

    Many of my pretty flies are posted on the Steelhead thread. The truth is most of the flies I carry will work for all of the various salmon species and the trout also. Steelhead flies tend to be a little smaller but when you are tying on a 1.5 Spey hook your fly will be perfect for silvers and even a king in the right circumstances. So......................

    Purple Spey Fly;


    Tying stuff;

    Hook: AJ 1.5
    Tag: Embossed silver tinsel
    Tip: Making up the rear half of the body, wine colored floss
    Body: Front Is dubbed with a mixed wine and black sparkle dub
    Ribbing: Embossed silver tinsel wound forward to cover the hackle quill
    Hackle: A very dark purple marabou strip
    Collar: A long black saddle hackle
    Wing: Bronzed mallard on top of all

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    Default Salmon, Trout, Steelhead;

    I'm thinking silvers and probably pinks with this. I will report on the effectiveness.



    Hook: Daiichi 2151 #2
    Tag: One turn of braided French tinsel
    Tip / rear 2/3 of body pink floss
    Body: Front 1/3 shrimp pink ultra chenille
    Hackle: Burnt goose dyed fairly dark pink
    Rib: Oval French silver
    Collar: Guinea flank
    Wing: Matched bronzed mallard flank

    Another for Coho; Northern Lite



    Hook: Bartleet #4
    Tag: Flat silver
    Tip: Royal blue
    Tail: Royal blue hackle fibers
    Butt: Ostrich
    Body: Light blue floss and wound lt. blue Krystal flash
    Rib: Oval silver
    Hackle: White spey hackle veiled with silver doctor blue hackle fibers

    I am adding some proven patterns here on double hooks. I have used the Pass Lake and Maynard's Marvel on single hooks and both are producers. The double hook is legal here in Alaska but you should check the regulations where you fish prior to making any double hook patterns.

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    Default Re: Salmon, Trout, Steelhead;

    The Max Canyon;


    Hook: Gamakatsu 2/0 Standard Salmon Hook
    Tail: 2 bunches of hackle tips, 1 white, 1 orange
    Body: Rear half is orange spun fur, front half is black angora yarn
    Rib: Silver oval tinsel
    Hackle: Black schlapplin, a good full collar
    Wing: Orange deer tail fibers - Polar Ice fibers - topped with some Polar Bear hair
    head: Black thread lacquered

    Note: You may want to make all the orange materials match but I don't think a fish will notice. This is a PNW steelhead pattern but I figure it will catch some kings this spring here

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