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Thread: Tuffleye, CCG or Bug Bond?

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    Default Tuffleye, CCG or Bug Bond?

    can anyone tell me the difference between them? ive read a lot about CCG, a little about Tuffleye and just heard about Bug Bond yesterday. one thing i did read was to be careful when using CCG in natural light, as the UV rays will cause it to set prematurely and Tuffleye does not have this problem. thanks for the help.

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    Default Re: Tuffleye, CCG or Bug Bond?

    To my knowledge, Tuffleye and CCG are extremely similar, but CCG is cheaper. They also offer multiple different formulas. CCG was at the big show recently in Jersey and sold out of all the they brought stuff.

    I also know the owner of the co and he's a great guy. (He's also got two growing boys to feed)

    I know nothing about bug bond.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: Tuffleye, CCG or Bug Bond?

    do yall prefer the brushable or the syringe and why?

    i thought id prefer non tack stuff so i dont have to go back and coat it with sallys. however, i read somewhere that the tack stuff enables you to add multiple layers of goo to build up shrimp bodies and stuff. the tackiness lets a previously cured layer bond to a new layer ontop of it. can you not bond cured and uncured non tack goo?

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