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Thread: Rainy's Flys

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    I was looking at the Rainy's Flys web site and they look very nice. Looks like they only sell in bulk. Has anyone dealt with them and have a recommendation.

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    Rainy's does tie some nice bugs and you are correct that they are only a wholesaler that sells to retail establishments. You can purchase patterns through retail shops as well as larger merchandisers such as Cabela's and Bass Pro. They do not sell directly to the public.

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    Great flies, but as mentioned above a wholesaler only. I have friends that guide, and she won't even sell directly to them.

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    Get them from just about any good fly shop. Rainy is a great gal and is always contributing to the Wasatch Fly Fishing (Utah) and Tying Expo and the Idaho SF Cutthroat Expo.
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    That's too bad. I would have liked to have bought some from them even if it was in bulk.

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