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Thread: Bluegill Flies

  1. Default Bluegill Flies

    I was wondering if anyone knew any good bluegill specialty flies.
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    If you tie, try the Rainy Day Wonder. Search the posts for the recipe. Also look into Bully's Bluegill Spider. Any trout nymphs or dries you have should work for bluegills. They are not that picky.
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    I like a size 10 Daves hopper or a size 10 chartruese bugger. Most the time the gills are not real picky.
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    My favorite is an old time fly called the McGinty
    I tie mine without the traditional mallard wings but substitute a yellow soft hackle collar
    .... something like this one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waterboy View Post
    I was wondering if anyone knew any good bluegill specialty flies.
    Welcome to the Online Fly Tyer
    I tied a couple of these up, you can use colors of local types of bream.
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    the betts poppers are great. and those little beetles with the orange dot.

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    I agree with Rip Tide. McGinty has always been a gread gill fly and I catch a lot of other fish with it as well.

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    In my experience, it seems like bluegill are like goats, they will eat anything. haha. But seriously, they will eat most flies that land on the water around here, especially mayflies.

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    The Briminator is a great bluegill fly.
    As long as I get a bite, I don't want to leave!

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    My favorites are the Bluegill Bulley, the Carter's Rubber-Legged Dragon and ths version of a damsel fly nymph in a size 10.

    Used olive marabou for the tail and wing, olive ostrich with gold wire rib for the body, olive ice dub for the body and burnt mono painted green for the eyes. It doesn't look like much on the vise but in the water it comes alive. Got a 22" cat on one a few days ago.

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