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    Default Painting Hard Foam Poppers

    Some one said I have to be careful painting a hard foam poper- not all paint will stick, so.....
    What paint do you use?

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    Default Re: Painting Hard Foam Poppers

    I think the main cause for care with that type of poppers is not to use spray paint or some others that will melt them.

    I use fingernail polish. Hard glossy finish, dries pretty quick, and comes with a brush. You might be surprised just how many different colors are out there. I've even been using it on crease flies and such made with sheet foam and it holds up surprisingly well.

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    Default Re: Painting Hard Foam Poppers

    I don't normally bother to paint my foam or cork poppers at all, but when I do they get a layer of epoxy first.
    Then whatever paint......Tetores model paint, fabric paint from the craft store, and fingernail polish
    The final protective coat would be epoxy also
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    Default Re: Painting Hard Foam Poppers

    Hi Red Owl,

    Go to your local hobby shop that sells model airplanes. They will have a wide selection of Testors paints. I have used their Acrylic but they also have Enamel paints. They come in 1/4oz bottles in just about any color you might want. You need to decide if you want Acrylic or Enamel as they take different thinners.

    If I was doing it today I might experiment with the Enamel Paints.

    Testors Enamel Paints Selections.


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    Default Re: Painting Hard Foam Poppers

    regular enamel testers plastic model paint has worked fine for me for years. I don't recall it ever chipping off or such. like any plastic to be painted, it needs to be cleaned of all oils first. I use rubbing alchohal for that task but there are other solutions to remove oil.

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    Default Re: Painting Hard Foam Poppers

    Well then its model car/airplane paint for the poppers. Thanks- saved me having to experiment with a variety of paints.

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    Default Re: Painting Hard Foam Poppers

    Red, Like Cliff said fingernail polish...Go to the dollar store and check out all the various colors; thank God for Goth I put a coat of clear Sally Hansen hard as nails for the final coat.


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    Default Re: Painting Hard Foam Poppers

    ive found that fingernail polish does not work that good. it chips awa easy pretty easily, and it doesnt seem to lose that odor

    i like to paint my poppers with acrylic paint, and then put a thin coat of epoxy over them. it makes them tough, and the float a bit lower in the water. right below halfway up the body.

    i make my poppers out of balsa and cork though, it might be different on foam.

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    Default Re: Painting Hard Foam Poppers

    rmooney- is that a wire or mono weed guard? How did you attach it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Owl View Post
    rmooney- is that a wire or mono weed guard? How did you attach it?
    its a gamakatsu hook with a wire weedquard already attached. the type of guard on that hook is the only guard that stops weeds, but not fish- that ive found anyway. i found them at dick's sporting goods.

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