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    Default Re: Kokanee/Sockeye fly patterns?

    Okay, so the predominant color seems to be red or light red (i.e. pink), or at least the color of salmon eggs. Sparsely tied also. At least not big and bushy. Perhaps a little flash also.
    Someone also said they had tremendous success with a chartreuse wooly bugger with a red head which seems to fit the red egg theory.
    How about materials? Bucktail has been suggested. How about marabou? Probably can't go wrong with that right?

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    Default Re: Kokanee/Sockeye fly patterns?

    Marabou is good and anything that sinks well will be better than something that floats. I try to make a fly that sinks well but not weighted. Weighted flies get hung up at all the wrong times.

    Knowing when the fish are beginning their migration is the key to having good success. Here when I can get on the fish as soon as they have entered the river almost anything will catch them. By the time they are 50 miles in it isn't so easy anymore.

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    Default Re: Kokanee/Sockeye fly patterns?

    Hi Bigdog,
    Last year I tied a bunch of hot pink, chartreuse, and bright blue Woolly Buggers for a guy who trolls lakes for Kokanee. All were tied on size 10 TMC 5263 hooks without any lead wrapping or beadheads. He wanted them light, so the buggers would move around more.


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    Default Re: Kokanee/Sockeye fly patterns?

    I think what attracts them in lakes when they are actively feeding will be different than in the streams when they are more interested in spawning.

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    Good point, Hardy!

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    Default Re: Kokanee/Sockeye fly patterns?

    I'm assuming your looking to fish for kokes in Colorado? Dream Stream, Blue River, etc..?

    You have to remember kokes are plankton feeders so they really aren't "eating" your flies. They are either crushing eggs of competing fish or are attacking your fly because it mistakes it for another koke.

    I've had success fishing pink, red and white streamers, sex dungeons, sculpins, etc...anything big and hairy, but tie in some pink or red.

    Also, eggs work amazingly well, try otter's eggs, or traditional eggs patterns under weight to get them down.

    They really haven't started to stack up heavily in most of the waters that they are in, but in another week or two, they should be starting to get thick.

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    Default Re: Kokanee/Sockeye fly patterns?

    I have been told the peak is over in the Gunnison/East. Is this correct? How about the Dream Stream?

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    Default Re: Kokanee/Sockeye fly patterns?

    Dream Stream runs the latest. It's peaking over in Gunnison right now and soon Grand/Summmit will peak. GM was super high which made it hard to fish for the kokes, but now the release below the dam is up over 800 so it's dropping fast.

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