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Thread: Albright flies

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    Last night, I saw on Albright's web site that they are selling flies. You have to buy in dozen lots. Has anybody bought and\or used any of their flies? Just wonder about the quality. Their A-5 rod is a great buy.

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    They just started selling flies last week. Not sure of the quality.

    I agree with you about the A-5. I got a 3wt A-5 for $122.50 plus they threw in a reel free (Topwater model) and free shipping! That works in my book.

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    The big question is where Albright sources its flies. Most flies are sourced from tying factories on the Asian Pacific Rim. Some of these factories are owned by the manufacturers. Some are independent contractors. Flies that are represented by a major fly distributor (Umpqua, Idylwilde, Montana Fly, Solitude, etc) are made under strict quality control. These flies will be great for all but the discriminating fly enthusiast.

    The latest batch of flies that are being sold in discount fly outfitters are made in Africa. Many of the flies that I have seen from this source use poor quality hooks and substandard materials. The ties often fall apart quickly. The ties are very inconsistent from fly to fly.

    If you choose to purchase flies from Albright get one dozen first. Inspect them to see if you like the quality. If you do, then you have another source of flies. If you dislike them, you won't be buying flies from them in the future.


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    MP, I agree with you. I prefer to pay the extra price for quality. I did order a dozen of their worms ($6.66) to see what they look like. Will give a report.

    "Quality is like oats. If you want quality oats you have to pay the price. If you are satisfied with running them thru the mule, you can get them cheaper."

    Don't know who is the author of that, but I remember hearing my daddy saying it to a customer one time. That was about 50 years ago. Think I will use that in my sig.

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    I just looked at the Albright webpage for its flies. The Targus flies that are being sold are mostly good quality flies. I have had some issues with some of the small midge patterns with their hooks being on the weak side. Their prices are very good for quality production house flies.


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    I am very pleased with my Albright A-5 5 wt. also. As far as flies, I prefer to support some of our members who tie quality custom flies. I can get just the size I want and tied just the way I want. It all boils down to if you are willing to pay for quality and service. It amazes me that someone will talk about their $5-600 rod and their $2-300 reel and then brag about their .50 cent flies that don't even come close to the quality of custom tied flies for a buck seventy-five to two fifty a piece. I have bought some of those cheap flies and some of them came apart after the 2nd or 3rd cast.

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    Well, I ordered some some of the Albright flies: #2 Bass Waker,shad, #6 Bass Waker, golden shiner and #8 San Juan worm, earthworm.

    The San Juan worm is more like a nymph. The body looks like it came out of a mould and the #8 hook can easily be bent and twisted by hand and the point won't stick into my thumb nail. If you like barbless hooks you will be happy because you can hardly see it.

    The Bass Wakers are the same body (size and color) with the shad having silver streamers and the golden shiner of course gold. I expected the #6 body to be somewhat smaller in size but the only difference is the tail on the #6 is about 1/4" shorter. The hooks on both are too thin for bass fishing and a jack fish would bite them into.

    The best deal I got was an extra spool ($9) for my free topwater reel.

    I refer back to my previous post--if you want quality tied flies check out some independent tyers and be happy to pay a little extra and get what you want. My three favorite are Bear Routh, Quill Gordon (website) and Tom Hies (Caster's Fly Shop website). All three are excellent fly tyers who will tie what you want and how you want it and will tell you whether it will work or not. Bear and Quill are members here.

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    Default Re: Albright flies

    Hi Dixiejack,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts abut the Albright Flies. You were smart not to buy too many with the first order.


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