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    Default Pearly cormorant { uk stillwaters }.

    Hi again,

    Cormorant's are highly effective on our stillwaters. This varient is again very simple yet very effective.

    Hook. Fulling mill comp. 10
    Body. Pearl mirage tinsel over red holographic tinsel varnished x2 before wing's attached.
    Head/thread. White uni 8/0 buit round then painted with fl. orange paint then varnished x3 coats.
    Over wing. Black marabou.

    P.s., sorry if you already use any patterns put up, i've no idea what you guy's use

    Be happy
    Team England.
    Fulling Mill.
    Trout Fisherman.

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    Default Re: Pearly cormorant { uk stillwaters }.

    Great pattern! I have not seen this particular one before. Are you fishing it as a chironomid? Never apologize for any pattern you post. I have been tying a lot of Davie Mcphail's patterns and adapting the colour to suit where I fish. I notice that folks out your wat fish a lot of reds, purples and oranges, whereas we do but mostly in our salmon/steelhead patterns. Keep on posting!
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    Default Re: Pearly cormorant { uk stillwaters }.

    [QUOTE=Kerry Pitt;76014]

    Hi Kerry,

    Are you fishing it as a chironomid?

    Your spot on , Our opinion is trout take it for a buzzer, but it will also double up as a small fry pattern. It can be fished on a floater through to a di 7/8.................. twitched, drawn or pulled back fast it does very well and a high favorite for comp. anglers over here.

    Be happy
    Team England.
    Fulling Mill.
    Trout Fisherman.

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