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BigCliff 02-21-2005 05:12 PM

Flies for suprise fish
For all those wondering what in the world I am getting at, I want to let as many of us as possible know what flies work well on the fish you aren't usually fishing for.

Example: yesterday I was after white bass in a deep hole and hooked a 24" 5lb freshwater drum (otherwise known as a "gasper-goo" in Texas). She put QUITE a bend in my rod too! The fly was a "zuddler", a hybrid fly that is a conehead muddler with a zonker strip on top. I had flashy materials as the body, tail, and under the rabbit strip wing. Oh yeah, tan with gold and rootbeer pearl flash.

Does anybody have productive flies for: mountain whitefish, sucker, carp, buffalo, rio grande perch, tilapia, bowfin, gar, yellow bass, or any other species that are fun to catch but don't get much attention?

I have also hooked both rio grande perch and tilapia on fly, but don't recall exactly which one. It's pretty safe to guess it was either a marabou minnow or a size 12 olive beadhead bugger. I said hooked because I didn't land the 4lb Tilapia.

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